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Home Extensions

If it’s more space that you need at home, a home extension from your Premium Retailer will see to that.

Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen has overtaken the living room as the hub of the home in many households, but it’s difficult to have a home life that revolves around kitchen-based living if your current kitchen doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate it. Fix that with a new open-plan kitchen from a Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer. It will be a space that caters for everything you need, not just the cooking of those daily meals. Once you begin to use your kitchen extension, your old living room will come a firm second best to it.

Kitchen Extension

Dining Room Extensions

Make future meal-times all the more memorable by holding them inside a new dining room extension. With the help of a Premium Retailer, you can create a customised dining area that you know will always offer a comfortable setting at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime. For added glamour, include some feature doors in our extensions, and don’t forget to carefully choose any windows, lighting and accessories. Guests will be blown away by the space.

Dining Room Extension

Home Office Extensions

Everything was turned on its head by the pandemic, particularly for those who would traditionally commute into the office. It’s seen home working take off and if you now work remotely a few days a week, you’d likely do it more productively inside a purpose-built home extension. Create the perfect setup inside for home working and revel in it.

Home Office Extension

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Window options for extensions

After the selection of a feature door, it’s time to move on to the window frames, a critical component of any good extension. We offer them in two immensely reliable materials, UPVC and aluminium. UPVC has uncompromising strength and durability, and as for aluminium, it’s unmistakably sleek.

A UPVC window frame is a superb insulator...

Beyond the insulating powers of UPVC window frames, they also have the resilience to ward off fading, rotting, and warping. Cleaning them down couldn’t be simpler, so window maintenance will hardly occupy any of your time.

UPVC offers insulating levels that not many materials can compete with, doing a sterling job of regulating internal temperatures and suppressing heat. It can also restrict noise transmission and is available in a series of alluring finishes at an affordable price.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

A tantalising assortment of shades...

White is the most dependable finish of all and never looks out of place on extensions, but if you want to stray outside of tradition, there are more than 20 additional shades available. Make sure you explore what is a spectrum of colour.

Premium Retailers of Conservatory Outlet regularly report back to us on the favoured colour choices of customers and Anthracite Grey, Black, Grey, and Oak are amongst their biggest sellers. Chartwell Green and our classic Whitegrain similarly hold widespread appeal.

The modern choice over timber & wooden windows...

Discerning window aficionados will recognise Conservatory Outlet’s Envisage Flush Window range as a modern-day rendition of the beloved early era timber window. Retaining the simple lines and proportions of traditional windows, the Envisage range boasts a sleek design with no opening lights protruding from the frame.

In addition to its adaptability, Envisage Flush Windows excel in performance, security, and insulation. Perfectly suited for heritage, rustic, and minimalist properties, these windows will undoubtedly enhance the appeal of your extension.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

Be seduced by the unmatched sleekness of aluminium...

Aluminium defies its improbable strength with its flexibility and that’s how it can be shaped to create exceptionally large window and door sizes. You only have to observe the slender sightlines of an aluminium window to appreciate the malleability of the material, which can confront the elements head-on, refusing to rust or corrode over time, simplifying upkeep.

Extensions that feature aluminium windows inject contemporary flair into homes and you can’t help but take a shine to them because of their modern magnetism. Certain to endure for the long-term, aluminium fits the mould in terms of sustainability and will ensure your investment goes a very long way. Once its best days have elapsed, aluminium is recyclable, signifying our dedication to earth-friendly practices.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Rich textured finishes that last...

With 150 RAL aluminium colours on offer, ranging from the subtlest shades to the boldest hues, your taste will be accounted for in this broadest of palettes. Aluminium finishes have an extra edge to them and are often enough to lure a customer into selecting aluminium. Each finish is meticulously crafted to perfect their appearance and ensure they are long-lasting.

Our formula is an 11-stage powder-coating technique to execute a resoundingly vibrant colour. When a woodgrain finish is nominated, like Rosewood, Walnut, or Oak, we employ the sublimation method, so they exhibit a realistic wood-like texture. View a small sample of our most popular fi