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Conservatories – modern, traditional & classic conservatory designs

Lead a more fulfilling home life in a conservatory design that has your imprint all over it.

Conservatories from Conservatory Outlet

You’re not restricted to how you use your conservatory as it can serve any purpose. Assign it as a family room or workout in the space to save on an expensive gym membership. Whether you’re looking for a classic conservatory or a modern extension, each and every one of our installations is carried out to the highest quality to give you a space you’ll love all year round. Any conservatory that’s bought via a Premium Retailer will give you brilliantly uninterrupted views and strengthen the connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Glass Roof Conservatory

Glass Roof Conservatories

The main features of a glass roof conservatory are its immense style and beautifully light interior. Stunning to look at, you’re never likely to get bored of the view that you get from the inside.

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Tiled Roof Conservatory

Tiled Roof Conservatories

It’s with good reason that it’s called a solid roof as the roofing system is fully insulated and turns conservatories into year-round locations. Even though it’s made from premium materials, it’s so lightweight.

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Solid Roof Conservatories

Solid Roof Conservatories

Choosing a solid roof conservatory from us will assure you of an energy-efficient, snug, and inviting conservatory or extension that radiates extravagance.

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Conservatory Upgrade

Conservatory Upgrades

Don’t overlook your current conservatory’s potential! Let your local Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer conduct a makeover, adding value to your home while providing you with a revitalised living space.

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Conservatory roof options

We offer four fantastic roofing options that will suit your style and needs. You can go for the classic look with traditional tiles or shingle tiles. If you’re all about maximising performance, our performance glass roof might be your number one choice. And for those who value privacy and insulation, we’ve got solid panels in a variety of colours and combinations. Or maybe you prefer the traditional polycarbonate roof for that timeless feel.

Glass Roof Conservatories

Imagine this: a conservatory with a glass roof that lets you soak in the beauty of the sky day and night! It’s like bringing the outdoors in while staying cosy. You’ll love how modern solar control glazing keeps your space just the right temperature. With smart coatings and tints, it traps warmth from the sun while keeping chilly draughts out. Your local Premium Retailer will have all the tips and tricks to help you keep that warmth in, like adding an insulated pelmet.

Our high-performance glazing is top-notch when it comes to weatherproofing. It can handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way! And for easy maintenance, just ask about our self-cleaning or easy-clean glass roof options. It’s all about making your life simpler and your conservatory more enjoyable.

Modern Glass Roof Conservatory

Tiled Roof Conservatories

If you’re dreaming of a home extension that seamlessly blends with your existing property and becomes your favourite spot all year round, our strong and thermally efficient roof structures are here to make that dream a reality! We’ve got a range of options, from slate to shingle to traditional roof tiles, that will perfectly complement your home’s style. And why not let some natural light in with Velux windows or large glazed panels? It’s all about creating that spacious, airy feel you crave.

Our tiled roof conservatories are designed to keep you cosy and warm, no matter what the weather’s doing outside. Forget about those old-fashioned glazed or polycarbonate roofs – our tiled roofs use the latest solid roof tile system for extra strength and durability.

Ultraroof Conservatory

Solid Roof Conservatories

Our solid roof conservatories offer a unique blend of solidity and transparency. With the ability to incorporate glazed units alongside stylish solid panels in various shapes and configurations, you can craft a truly remarkable hybrid design. Featuring a magnificent vaulted ceiling and an internal pelmet for lighting fixtures, our solid roof system provides both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

The design flexibility of our solid roof allows for the creation of virtually any shape or size, making it ideal for implementing intricate designs and achieving a contemporary, sleek finish, especially with our stylish grey options.

Solid Roof Conservatories

Polycarbonate Roof Conservatory

Looking for a roofing solution that’s both budget-friendly and high-performing? Our polycarbonate roofs boast a 25mm thickness and feature a 5-wall multi-chambered structure for optimal efficiency. We’ve got options to suit every preference and need, including clear, bronze, opal, bronze opal, and solarguard variants. Each one brings its own unique set of characteristics, from colour and light transmission to solar efficiency and shading.

The advisors at our Premium Retailers are here to help you navigate the choices and find the perfect fit for your conservatory.

Polycarbonate Roof Conservatory

No other home extension compares to a conservatory...

Conservatories can have all sorts of specifications and come in all sorts of sizes, plus they can complement the styling of just about any house. Whether you’re looking for a modern conservatory or something more traditional we can create your perfect living space. What we’re basically saying is that a conservatory can be whatever you need it to be, from a place of solitude to a consistently busy space.

Living Spaces

Conservatory window frames

At Conservatory Outlet, we manufacture both UPVC and aluminium window frames, and each one brings something special to the table. UPVC is the sturdy foundation—it’s built to last and very energy-efficient. On the other hand, aluminium is all about that sleek, modern look and durability that stands the test of time.

UPVC frames provide insulation, noise reduction, and durability...

They’re incredibly strong, which means they won’t warp, fade, or rot, no matter what life throws at them. And the best part? Cleaning them is a breeze, perfect for those with busy lifestyles who want to spend less time on window maintenance.

UPVC is like your home’s temperature regulator, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s like having your own little climate control system! Plus, it helps reduce noise levels, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet whenever you need it. With a variety of attractive colours to choose from, UPVC windows are not only practical but also stylish and cost-effective for any conservatory.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

UPVC frame colours - it's time to get creative!

White is always a classic choice and brings that timeless reliability to any conservatory, but we’ve also got over 20 other UPVC colours just waiting for you to explore.

Our Premium Retailers have noticed a trend toward more modern finishes like anthracite grey, black, and various shades of grey, along with the cosy warmth of an oak effect. These colours are just as appealing as classic white or the refreshing charm of Chartwell Green.