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Different Types of Orangeries

The use of brick allows the orangery to perfectly blend into your home, making the division utterly seamless – choose from a modern or traditional looking orangery for your home.
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Modern Orangeries

Brick pillars will help blend your new orangery into your existing home and you can tailor the number of windows you want – with a greater number allowing a lot more natural light to flood in. We offer a fantastic range of modern and contemporary orangeries, ensuring that you have the best chance possible of finding the perfect orangery for you and your home.

Our UPVC modern orangeries are virtually maintenance free thanks to its near perfect resistance to the UK weather, whereas aluminium orangeries offer additional strength and durability. We have a wide variety of roofing and glazing options to go alongside a wealth of colours and finishes to choose from, which helps to create an orangery that is unique to you and your home.

Glass Roof Orangery

Traditional Orangeries

Our traditional orangeries are competitively priced, ensuring you don’t have to break the bank to purchase your perfect home improvement solution. Despite the affordable cost of our traditional orangeries, they feature the highest quality materials, the highest security spec, making them both luxurious and durable. You can choose from Aluminium or UPVC, with further options when it comes to glazing, roof choice, colour and finish. Our Premium Retailers cover every aspect of your project, from design through manufacturing and installation, and even take care of all the necessary Planning Permission & Building Regulations with your local authority.

Lantern Roof Orangery with Bi-Folds

Choosing Your Orangery Roof

You can choose from a range of roofs for your orangery – from the traditional lantern roofs to our modern tiled roof options.

This roofing system is well-deserving of its “classic” status...

Anyone buying an orangery may find the sheer amount of choice a little crippling, and that’s before evening considering the array of roof variants. Our traditional roofing system is a good choice if you’re looking for a solid, dependable roof that is able to adapt to virtually any style of orangery. This form of roofing system has existed for decades, but our unique design has transported it into the 21st Century.

Modern Orangery with Bi-Fold Doors

A sleek and trustworthy roofing solution...

The cornice roof shares many similarities with classic roofing systems. Incorporating a cornice into the system immediately gives it a unique charm and warm feel. Particularly well suited to orangeries with added brickwork, a cornice roof is amongst out more popular options.

Lantern Roof Orangery with Bi-Folds

You always gain an enchanting view through a Lantern Roof...

Dating back literally centuries, Lantern Roofs, or Atrium Roofs, maintain a constant presence on a vast array of orangeries. As you’d expect, present-day Lantern Day has evolved significantly from those of yesteryear, offering a more sophisticated design and hi-tech performance. The additional natural light provided by a Lantern Roof is enough to make anyone want to spend as many hours as they can inside their extension. Stick with tradition and request one for yours?

Lantern Roof Orangery with Bi-Folds

Future-proof the orangery from the initial installation...

Orangeries of old were a bit of a nuisance, often too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Including a tiled roof in your new orangery is a sure-fire way to prevent this. The lightweight slates / tiles are superb when it comes to insulation, and they’re so lifelike that they could easily be mistaken for traditional slates and tiles, made to match the ones currently on your property.

Tiled Roof Orangery Extension

We can apply all of the finishing touches your orangery needs...

Whether you intend to use your new orangery as an entertainment space or purely for relaxation purposes, the devil is always in the detail. Our Premium Retailers handle everything from; flooring, lighting, hardware and electricals. Electrical experts can organise the installation of any lighting, flatscreen TV’s and other home entertainment centres. Lighting is arguably the most important finishing touch, especially during those long wintery nights. Lighting can be arranged on the outside of the orangery e.g. soft low-voltage downlighters, if you want to emphasise the structure to the world once the sun has gone down.

Lantern Roof Orangery with Bi-Folds

Frames, Colours - The Choice is Yours

Choose between a textured woodgrain and smooth surface finish in UPVC or you may prefer the sleek lines of aluminium – the choice really is yours.

Faith placed in UPVC is always repaid...

We’ve a long history in producing high quality UPVC orangeries, it’s a material we trust to serve our customers well. A UPVC profile has amazingly accurate contours and dimensions, but that’s merely half of its total appeal. Beyond that is the enviable thermal insulating properties of UPVC, providing our customers with an extension that’s truly value for money.

The lure of UPVC can also be put down to its maintenance-free qualities. Nobody wants to be cleaning the outside of their conservatory on an overly regular basis, and, thankfully, you won’t have to! Our UPVC orangeries can even be specially moulded if you wish to have elaborate gable ends incorporated into the design.

Stone Finished Orangery with French Doors

‘Envisage’ has introduced the flush window to a new audience...

We genuinely believe that the Envisage range is the finest imitation of a flush window on the market. When you request Envisage windows for your orangery, you will be safeguarded against draughts and won’t have to pay over the odds to keep the extension well heated. Envisage windows also have a multi-point locking mechanism affixed to them, and when they’re all locked, the orangery will be as safe as houses. If you want to customise our Envisage windows, feel free to do so. You should also accessorise the windows in accordance with your taste by selecting handles and stays that most appeal to your personal taste.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

Glass takes centre stage in an aluminium frame...

Aluminium-crafted orangeries offer a sleek and modern alternative to their UPVC counterparts, allowing for additional glazing space. If you want the option of opening out the extension in summer, opt for aluminium bi-folding doors, exposing your home to the glory of the outside world.

Aluminium Orangery

Powder-coating our aluminium finishes is crucial...

Something that is undeniable with aluminium orangeries is the sheer quality of the finishes. Our 11-stage powder-coating process is what gives them this look, as we meticulously apply the colour to the frames. If you want your frame to imitate timber, we can do that too!

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