The elegance and simplicity of French doors is why they’re found in so many homes…

Beautiful to look at, French doors are also incredibly versatile, allowing natural light to flood into your home without you having to sacrifice on warmth or safety. They also help to create an ideal transition from the interior to the exterior of your home. As a leading manufacturer of French doors in the UK with a network of country-wide Premium Retailers, we can turn a simple doorway into a beautiful and practical entrance.

UPVC French Doors

The vast expanse of double or triple glazed glass, available in both singular and multiple panes of glass, ensures maximum sunlight enters your home. Not only does this brighten up your home, but it also helps to create a sense of spaciousness, even when the doors are closed.

Oak UPVC French Doors
UPVC French Doors


If you want to keep your conventional living space and conservatory or orangery as two very separate areas, the installation of a French door between the two settings will fulfil that goal. Transporting furniture to and from these rooms will be made easy and it will be equally as easy for you to move around the house. Added warmth will also enter the building if the French doors sit in an aperture exposed to the outdoor climate, and you’ll also receive extra natural sunlight to keep the indoor atmosphere nice and light.

A UPVC French door is great value for money and easy-cleaning…

UPVC is a widely admired material amongst the buying public as it is not costly, promises to last and takes very little cleaning. The thermal credentials of UPVC are also very high, with it managing to insulate spaces so that you don’t have to incessantly turn to your heating system to keep your house warm, relying on a UPVC French door to do it for you.

We live in an age where a UPVC French door can now be almost any colour, or at least that’s true of a UPVC French door bought from a Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer. Of course, white is still an overwhelming favourite, but the colour palette also includes colours like Chartwell Green, Grey, and Irish Oak for those seeking something different.

Grey UPVC Windows & French Door
An aluminium French door is characterised by its slender profile…

Aluminium French doors have many assets, but it’s hard to look past the slim sightlines as to which of these assets are the most noteworthy. The lion’s share of the design consists of glass and that’s due to the amazingly trim profile. Any current absence of kerb appeal at your home will be reversed with the fitting of aluminium French doors.

Only with traditional timber would you expect to see the subtle intricate contour on the outside of the aluminium door frame. The powder-coated finish applied to this aluminium product also contributes to its very distinguished appearance.

Aluminium French Door
The quality of the finish comes from it being powder-coated onto the aluminium frames…

Lots of time and energy is invested into the aluminium finishes. To develop all the aluminium colours, an 11-stage process is employed, with the finish powder-coated onto the aluminium French door frames. Placed next to a set of aluminium French doors with a bog-standard finish, they outshine them. Our Premium Retailers also have the skill and technology to create three aluminium woodgrains (available in Walnut, Oak, and Rosewood).

Add an exquisite handle to the design…

Many customers find that furnishing an aluminium French door is one of the most fun bits of the entire process, which includes selecting a door handle.

The handle will be a focal point of the door, so it needs to match the door’s personality.


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To make life easy for you, a selection of Premium Retailers can arrange a variety of convenient easy payment finance options (subject to application & affordability). Making an application is simple and we promise you a quick decision. Everything can be sorted out with you in the comfort of your home or in a retail showroom and you should get an answer to your application within 24 hours, so you can enjoy whatever you’ve set your heart on right away.


French doors are a staple for homes looking to create a classic aesthetic. These doors are the perfect way to connect your home to the great outdoors or create a statement entrance to your living space. If you have any questions about our French doors our Premium Retailers are on hand to advise and give you a free quotation.

What is the difference between French doors and patio doors?

French doors and patio doors showcase distinct characteristics in their operation and design.

French doors, with two hinged panels that swing from the centre and meet when closed, exude a classic elegance, often featuring multiple glass panels. They serve well indoors or as elegant entryways to outdoor spaces.

In contrast, patio doors glide horizontally along a track, optimising space efficiency. Known for their larger glass panels, patio doors ensure expansive views and smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

While French doors boast a traditional charm with their swinging motion, patio doors offer versatility through their sliding mechanism, catering to a range of different spaces.

How do I know if French doors are right for me?

Many UK homeowners find French doors to be the perfect addition to their home.

The advisors at our Premium Retailers can help you figure out if French doors make the most sense for your home. It could be that bi-folding doors or patio doors make more sense.

French doors work well for homeowners who want a simple opening with easy access between spaces. They create an open and airy feel, allowing natural light to flow between rooms. If you desire a simple and convenient way to connect indoor and outdoor spaces or to allow easy movement between rooms, French doors can be a practical choice.

These doors swing open rather than slide or fold, so you need adequate space for them to operate without obstruction. Ensure that the area where you plan to install French doors allows for the full swing radius without causing inconvenience.

Where can I add French doors to my home?

French doors are a versatile and stylish addition suitable for various areas within your home, available at Conservatory Premium Retailers near you.

Primarily, they create an elegant transition between indoor and outdoor spaces like patios or gardens, commonly found in conservatories, ensuring seamless connectivity. Inside, these doors connect rooms, fostering an open atmosphere while preserving individual room identities, commonly seen between living and dining areas.

They also serve as ideal enclosures for home offices, a common feature in homes across the UK. French doors illuminate these spaces with natural light while maintaining a sense of privacy.

In bedrooms, French doors add a touch of charm as they open to balconies or partition spaces like studies or walk-in closets from the main bedroom area. With their adaptability, French doors offer sophistication and functionality, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of various parts of your home.

Visit your local Conservatory Premium Retailer to explore the possibilities of integrating French doors into your home.

Are French doors secure?

Conservatory Outlet French doors have a number of features to make them incredibly secure.

Our French doors prioritise security, incorporating multi-point locking systems along the door frame, significantly fortifying resistance against forced entry. Premium cylinder locks and robust handles further enhance security measures.
The selection of materials, such as reinforced UPVC or aluminium, significantly enhances strength and durability, deterring potential intruders due to their formidable build.

Installation by specialists like our selection of UK Premium Retailers ensures that French doors not only serve as an attractive feature in the home but also provide a secure barrier for your home. When combined with top-tier security features and sturdy materials, these doors offer peace of mind without compromising on style.

How energy efficient are French doors?

French doors made from UPVC or aluminium excel in energy efficiency.

UPVC, renowned for its superb insulation, curtails heat transfer, minimising energy loss. Its proficiency in eliminating draughts and sustaining indoor temperatures results in reduced energy expenditures, lessening the reliance on heating systems.

Similarly, aluminium French doors, also prioritising energy efficiency, benefit from advancements in thermal break technology, heightening their insulation capabilities. This technological enhancement augments their ability to regulate temperatures effectively.

Both UPVC and aluminium French doors create a well-insulated barrier, effectively sealing homes throughout the UK and curbing energy consumption. Their energy-efficient attributes not only conserve energy but ensure a cosy environment year-round.

Can I use French doors in a conservatory?

Our Premium Retailers have installed hundreds of French doors in conservatories and orangeries.

French doors suit conservatories with their classic design and seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Their large glass panels invite natural light, making these spaces brighter and more welcoming.

Optimal ventilation and space efficiency characterise French doors, perfect for smaller conservatory areas. Our French doors’ track record in maximising natural light, facilitating ventilation, and optimising space in smaller conservatory areas makes French doors a reliable and stylish choice for your home’s extension.

Our Premium Retailers, well-versed in conservatory installations, offer customisation options and expert advice to ensure ideal door selection and placement for each unique space.

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