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Our Guarantee

Each roofing system is covered by an extensive guarantee, which will be supplied to you by your Premium Retailer at the conclusion of the project. You’re assured of a roof that you can trust in.

A Lifetime of Reassurance

You cannot underestimate the impact that a replacement conservatory roof will have, so think everything through carefully before you make any final decision. It will be a superb long-term investment.

Disappointingly, some roofing companies do not supply a guarantee with their products and it’s essential that you get an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) for such an item. We can confirm that all our Premium Retailers will hand over an Insurance Backed Guarantee to you and do so with confidence as they know that their roofing products are made to last. It’s the quality of the materials and components, as well as the manufacturing standards, that make the roofs as good and reliable as they are.

Windows Guarantee

Environmental Policy

The guarantee is also a show of commitment to the environment, as each Premium Retailer knows the importance of not sidelining the planet’s health during the working processes. You won’t need to buy another replacement roof, which will eliminate any over consumption.

Buying a conservatory is not your everyday purchase and there’s a lot of money involved in it. This drives home just how vital it is that you insist on receiving a guarantee, as you will when you choose to do business with one of Conservatory Outlet’s many Premium Retailers. Look beyond the cost, if you can, and just focus on getting your conservatory back.

Windows Guarantee