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Patio Doors – a practical space saving hero

Patio doors are the perfect choice if space at home is limited…

Patio doors are the perfect choice if space is limited in your home...

Our patio doors come in a range of styles and materials, with them particularly popular because of their versatility and great practicality. We are therefore proud to offer an incredible selection of patio doors throughout the UK via our well-established Premium Retailers. They are available in a huge range of different colours and shades; ensuring you do not have to compromise in getting the exact look you want.

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With anti-jamming protection, a multi-point locking mechanism, and internally glazed windows, our patio sliding doors are some of the best, most secure patio doors on the market.

Our Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailers each take immense pride in everything they do. With years of experience, they are perfectly placed to help you get the right door for your home.

Patio Doors
Anthracite Grey Patio Doors

Explore options for patio doors

It isn’t until you have a patio door in your house that you recognise the value in owning one. With just a small push, using the handle, it will enable you to exchange one room for another in fine style. A patio door will often be an exit point for a garden area, which is advantageous if you regularly like to head outside and enjoy your outdoor home environment. It can be assimilated into most conservatory and orangery designs, but wherever it rests, you just watch it lighten up your indoor space.

You can’t help but be taken in by the sleek design…

Back in the day, a patio door would have quite cumbersome and bulky frames, but nothing could be further from the truth with an aluminium patio door – it has an incredibly slim design. There’s also a smartness to an aluminium patio door that you would never have found in an old patio door.

At first look, you will possibly think that it has a timber frame, but it’s the subtle intricate contour on the frame that creates that impression. You also couldn’t achieve a powder-coated finish on a timber patio door, like you can with an aluminium offering.

Triple Track Patio Doors - Detail

The powder-coated aluminium finish gives it the classiest of looks…

The most popular choices in the standard colour palette have been hand-picked, but just like decorating the interior of your home, your Premium Retailer would be delighted to match your door to any RAL colour imaginable. Contact them with your choice and they’ll make your options work for you, in the highest quality finish. They can also develop beautifully detailed aluminium woodgrains.

There are few better home enhancements than a UPVC patio door…

The appeal of a UPVC patio door doesn’t just lie in its practicality. No, a UPVC patio door is highly affordable for everything you get from it, and you couldn’t hope for a more stress-free design, as it hardly needs any attention. The fresh injection of thermal efficiency it will add will also improve comfort levels, helping to make your fuel costs more manageable.

Patio Doors

Draw eyes towards your handle…

One of the key pieces of furniture on an aluminium patio door will be the handle. All our handles each have their own distinct personality.

Your aluminium patio door could be solely judged on your chosen handle, so choose wisely.

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Have you explored our Triple Track Patio Doors?

The triple sliding patio door has made a huge comeback and is the perfect choice if you’re searching for minimum frame and maximum glazing.

Learn more about our patio doors

Patio doors are one of the most versatile glass doors in our range thanks to their sleek design and space saving features. Find out more about what makes our glass doors special below, if you have any other questions or would like a free quotation don’t hesitate to contact one of our Premium Retailers.

What are patio doors?

Patio doors are a versatile addition that will bolster home functionality and aesthetics.

Possessing a minimum of two panels, patio doors can either work via a sliding motion or be fixed, depending on your practical desires. Featuring an ultra-secure locking mechanism, patio doors are a valuable deterrent in the prevention of external disturbances.

An opened patio door results in the coming together of indoor and outdoor spaces, unifying the two locations to create one expansive living area. So little effort needs employing to execute the opening and it does that precious thing of creating new-found space. Customise the patio door design to seamlessly integrate into whatever available wall space there is with a two, three or four pane solution.

Visualise the product in your home with a Premium Retailer’s design software to ensure the patio door is easily installed.

How energy-efficient are patio doors?

Patio doors attain high energy efficiency levels and will reliably insulate your home.

Thermally insulated glass is housed in each framed panel, and it stops the loss of valuable heat to keep interiors consistently warm. You won’t go cold in winter, and you won’t find yourself regularly relying on your boiler to sustain a necessary indoor temperature.

Aluminium and UPVC are materials with exceptional insulating properties and what we use to manufacture our patio door frames.

No air leaks will manifest through the patio doors as they are effectively weather sealed, ensuring a warm living environment and lowering energy consumption. Less outlay on fuel is supplemented by the benefits of added natural light filtering through to your space and the engaging view that a patio door treats you to.

Can I use patio doors in my conservatory?

You can nominate patio doors for inclusion in a conservatory design.

A patio door in your conservatory would allow you to make casual, frequent escapes to the garden from the structure and connect the two locations.

Easily operational, it won’t infringe on the spaciousness of the conservatory and just unfussily slides across the track any time that you get an urge to open it. There’s no inward or outward swinging panels, which is hugely advantageous if you only have a small volume of internal spaciousness to play with.

Figuring the number of panels and overall configuration is something you can collaborate on with a Premium Retailer, but be in no doubt, the final decision is always yours. However, it looks and functions, your patio door will unlock transitions between conservatory and garden, flood the interior with enriching light, and supply you with a view that you struggle to take your eyes off.

What security features do glass doors have to keep my home safe?

All glass door options supplied by our Premium Retailers incorporate the latest secure technology.

A foremost safety measure in our glass doors is the glass itself, a specialised glass that upon shattering (extremely hard to achieve), breaks into tiny pieces so that it doesn’t pose a dangerous safety hazard.

The locks inside of the doors are highly robust and have a multi-point mechanism that sees them engage at various points into the door frame to resolutely secure them so that forced entries are made practically impossible. Use of UPVC and aluminium in the manufacturing of their frames also establishes them as a formidable barrier.

These collective features reinforce the security of our glass door designs to ensure that UK householders can be safe in the knowledge that they will protect them strongly against the threat of theft.

How can I customise my new patio doors?

Customisation of a patio door involves a colour, hardware, and material selection.

Where do the possibilities end with our patio doors as you can personalise just about every last detail to seamlessly complement your property’s architectural look.

Start off the process with the choosing of a material, either UPVC or aluminium, based on your design ideals, maintenance needs, and the resilience you’re after. Aluminium is notoriously sleek and modern in its look, whereas UPVC has a versatility that few other materials can match and a fine insulator.

Moving on to colour and what is a key element of customisation. There’s a classic white for the traditionalists or lots of bolder hues for the forward-thinkers. An advisor will aid in identifying a coloured finish that marries with your existing window and door palette. Stuck between two finishes? Go for the dual-colour option so that you can have separate shades on either side of the design.

The door will of course need a handle and we have a wide range of handle designs, varying from traditional to modern. Furthermore, you get to choose the number of panels it has and can ask for a two, three or four-panelled design, depending on spatial availability and how wide you want the opening to be.

Getting to customise so much of a patio door really allows you to express yourself in the product and produce an abundantly stylish outdoor gateway.

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