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Conservatory Upgrades & Renovations

Our Premium Retailers can renovate your old conservatory in just 5 days! Our unique approach to conservatory upgrades gives you total design flexibility – creating a brand new living space.

Why opt for a conservatory upgrade?

Enhancing your conservatory will unquestionably boost energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. By upgrading windows, doors, roofing systems, and more, you can potentially save significantly on heating costs without sacrificing warmth.

Don’t overlook your conservatory’s potential! Let your local Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer conduct a makeover, adding value to your home while providing you with a revitalised living space.

Conservatory Upgrade

Renovate your conservatory entirely...

With our Premium Retailer’s distinctive method for conservatory upgrades, the possibilities are endless. You have the freedom to install walls and windows wherever desired, giving you the chance to create your dream space.

Unleash your creativity. Your outdated conservatory could morph into your envisioned open-plan kitchen, a cosy TV room or living area, or perhaps a fun playroom or convenient downstairs bedroom.

Conservatory Upgrade

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Window options – conservatory upgrades

When considering a conservatory upgrade, don’t overlook the significance of new window frames. Factors such as security, aesthetics, and thermal efficiency should be carefully weighed when choosing replacement frames. Both UPVC and aluminium materials present various characteristics. Take the time to explore different frame types and colours to determine which option will best suit your home and conservatory.

Pushing the boundaries of UPVC window manufacturing...

Restore lost insulation in your conservatory with Conservatory Outlet’s specialised Extreme UPVC Windows collection. Crafted from premium UPVC materials, every window in this collection ensures unparalleled toughness, strength, and energy efficiency at an exceptionally affordable price.

Each UPVC window is equipped with 9 visible locking points and 2 high-compression hinge bolts, providing three times the protection compared to traditional windows, offering you peace of mind and enhanced security.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

The modern choice over timber & wooden windows...

Discerning window aficionados will recognise Conservatory Outlet’s Envisage Flush Window range as a modern-day rendition of the beloved early era timber window. Retaining the simple lines and proportions of traditional windows, the Envisage range boasts a sleek design with no opening lights protruding from the frame.

In addition to its adaptability, Envisage Flush Windows excel in performance, security, and insulation. Perfectly suited for heritage, rustic, and minimalist properties, these windows will undoubtedly enhance the appeal of your conservatory.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

Access to Eclipse is exclusive to our Premium Retailers...

Manufactured with pride in the UK, these premium aluminium windows seamlessly combine strength and aesthetics – two essential factors in any contemporary conservatory or orangery solution.

Designed to withstand unpredictable weather conditions, these ultra-slim windows ensure unparalleled durability. With emphasis on the glazed area, it’s no surprise that Eclipse aluminium windows excel at capturing abundant natural light, leaving conservatory spaces brilliantly illuminated.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Powder-coating the finishes onto the aluminium frames gives them a distinctive advantage...

Our customers frequently inquire about our aluminium finishes, marvelling at their depth and richness. Allow us to unveil the secret behind them – an 11-stage powder-coating process. For our woodgrain finishes, we utilise a different approach, employing the sublimation method. This is how we achieve Walnut, Rosewood, and Oak effects that closely mimic the appearance of timber grains.