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Solid Roof Conservatories

Achieve a harmonious blend of light and solidity in a new Solid Roof Conservatory – it could be just what your home is missing.

Selecting a solid roof conservatory

Investment into a solid roof conservatory from us will assure you of an energy-efficient, snug, and inviting conservatory or extension that radiates extravagance. It won’t let the weather spoil things, meaning you can exploit the space whenever the temptation to arises.

Our teams of Premium Retailers up and down the land all go to every effort to craft solid roofs that are perfectly personalised for customer’s homes. Shaped glass can be woven in their design, which only serves to highlight the design flexibility there is to help you get the extended space you’ve always wanted.

Solid Roof Conservatories

Solid roof conservatories come with boundless benefits

When you buy a solid roof conservatory through a Premium Retailer, you can anticipate something that gives you the combined benefits of a solid panels and glass facets. It’s no hardship to add glazed inserts into the chic solid panels if you want a crossbreed of the two solutions.

You simply must witness a solid roof conservatory in person to properly understand what it will bring to your home. There’s such a grandeur to the vaulted ceiling, which is terrifically supplemented by an internal pelmet, where light fittings can be housed. Furthermore, don’t neglect to study the idea of having lights inserted into or hanging from the roof’s ridge, an impossibility with traditional vaulted and suspended ceilings.

Solid Roof Conservatories

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Solid Roof Conservatory needs quality window frames

When selecting windows for a Solid Roof Conservatory you need to factor in things like longevity, styling, and thermal efficiency. UPVC and aluminium are two prodigious materials for window construction and will each influence the design in contrasting fashions. Browse our frame types, finishes etc., to identify a window look that elevates both home and your solid roof conservatory.

A UPVC window collection rightly named ‘extreme’...

Invest in immense comfort and security with Conservatory Outlet’s game changing Extreme UPVC Windows range. Produced using premium UPVC, all window styles in the collection deliver elite resilience, power, and thermal efficiency to solid roof conservatories and orangeries.

Extreme UPVC windows offer 3 times the protection you get from traditional windows thanks to their 9 visible locking points and 2 high compression hinge bolts.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

Envisage a conservatory with neat, flush windows...

It’s no coincidence that our Envisage Flush Windows closely resemble some of the earliest timber glazed windows as that’s what they’re modelled on. Fit for inclusion in traditional and modern living spaces, they have the unfussy lines and matching proportions of classic windows, with no opening lights protruding from the window frame.

Besides how authentic looking Envisage windows are, they additionally excel in security and insulation as part of their well-rounded performance. Suitable for heritage, rustic and minimalist properties, Envisage Flush Windows will be a superb enhancement for any Solid Roof Conservatory.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

An aluminium collection to Eclipse all others...

Proudly British-made, our Eclipse aluminium windows impressively merge unrivalled strength and elegant aesthetics – a very deserving addition to any present-day conservatory or orangery. Weather-friendly to a fault, they are resolutely strong. With such a sleek frame, we’ve been able to put in a rich expanse of glass so that the windows capture large quantities of natural light and divert it inside Solid Roof Conservatories.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

The depth of quality in our aluminium finishes is all thanks to powder-coating...

Aluminium finishes are rarely this good and customers want to know why. It’s an open secret of ours and relies on a thorough 11-stage powder-coating process, a trusty method of applying them to the aluminium window frames. For our Rosewood, Oak, and Walnut woodgrains, we employ the sublimation strategy as with this we can make them hugely realistic.

Crafted window handles...

The effort that goes into the crafting our traditional and modern handles is enormous and it shows in their detailing – you can only marvel at them. Our craftspeople have excelled themselves and demonstrated their immensely high skillsets.