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Replacement Glass Roofs

We don’t believe that any competing roofing system has anything close to the resilience of a Conservatory Outlet replacement glass roof.

Change your conservatory forever

The outdated glass and polycarbonate roofs have been phased out, thankfully, as they were notoriously hard to maintain, let noise in easily and offered poor weatherproofing.

Constructed from aluminium, the roof will put a stop to heat readily escaping from a conservatory, with its solar control glazing keep the temperature well-regulated so that you never feel excess cold or heat.

There is weatherproofing technology in the roof to ensure the elements cannot have an impact of any kind. To make any future maintenance easy, ask your Premium Retailer to include self-cleaning or easy-clean glass.

Replacement Glass Roofs

Glass look and feel...

A new glass roof from a Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer will heighten the appearance of the conservatory and give it a modern aesthetic. You will also have a view through the roof that you will become besotted with admiring.

If your conservatory currently feels lifeless inside, it will feel anything but that after a glass roof installation. A discernible change in temperature will also occur.

Replacement Glass Roofs

The ‘intelligent’ glazing in the roof lives up to its name…

Plain Glass Roof – A plain glass roof is the most traditional option and will capture so much natural light and warmth from the sun. It will leave your conservatory feel airier than it has in years and help it naturally blend in with your house. Your conservatory will grab attention again and you can go back to using the space as and when you get the urge to, all whilst you profit from the most amazing exterior views. If you thought you had reached the end with your conservatory, think again, as a plain glass roof will make it feel like a brand-new space. The comfort that comes with a glass roof is a huge highlight of the product. 

Blue Coloured Glass Roof – The subtle sky-blue tint in the glass will create a cool atmosphere and make your glass roof noticeable. When it’s overcast outside, you won’t notice as much because of how the tint enriches the sky. 

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