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Eclipse Aluminum Windows

With an Eclipse aluminium window, you can create the perfect views that matter…

Eclipse Aluminium windows are a true declaration of style. Their low density, slimline frames are perfect for a clean, modern appearance, but are also built with the strength to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

When it comes to choosing the perfect window, what matters most is the perfect view. Fill your home with light and bring your Eclipse aluminium design to life with an exquisite range of glass options. Luxury windows have never been this affordable.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Stylishness will be restored at your home once Eclipse aluminium windows have been put in; you can bet your house on that. They have just about the slimmest frames you can get and have an exterior that can handle the weather so that their flashy appearance never diminishes.

These windows will give you a view that you could never dream of enjoying through a standard set of windows, and along with that view, far more natural light will find its way inside your house.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows
Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Eclipse aluminium windows

An Eclipse Aluminium Window has so many selling-points, explaining why it has quickly become one of the most sought-after window designs on the market.

If you are not yet familiar with the Eclipse range, the hotspots will fill you in on its main features and attributes. Give them a click.

Eclipse Aluminim Windows

Eclipse Hinge

Our highly engineered hinge provides increased load bearing and features unique anti-crowbar technology, providing a lifetime of protection and reassurance. With 90 degree opening and Egress easy clean as standard, window maintenance has never been so simple.

Eclipse Glass

High performance, next generation glass offers excellent energy efficiency. With an ultra-clear outer pane, and a super soft coat inner pane as standard.

Eclipse Frame

A true declaration of style. Our low density, slimline frames are perfect for a clean, modern appearance, but are also built with the strength to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

Eclipse Locking

The sophisticated multi-point lock within the Envisage system ensures the window is fully secure when locked. Featuring our patented ‘Secure It’ mechanism, the window was tested over 30,000 times during the development stage.

Eclipse Weather Seal

Dual density and high elasticity for twice the coverage of standard windows. The Eclipse flush casement range boasts long lasting airtight protection from the elements and added noise reduction.

It’s the view through Eclipse that defines it

No other aluminium window system has the slenderness of Eclipse, a design that is dominated by glass, affording you a fantastic uninterrupted view.

The large, glazed expanse in an Eclipse window also inevitably helps to bring in a considerable amount of natural light into homes.

Pebble Grey Aluminium Windows

Explore options for Eclipse aluminium windows

Working with your local Premium Retailer, you can orchestrate the look of an Eclipse Aluminium window. The choice of finish, glazing and hardware will be squarely in your court. Just pass on your ideas and let the Retailer do the rest.

Life in bolder colours...

Be bold and beautiful! Rich, exuberant colour will breathe life into your new windows and make a huge difference to the appearance of your home. Whether you choose subtle, muted shades or stand-out statement colours, the 11-stage powder coating process will ensure your coloured finish remains true for the lifetime of the product.

Eclipse performs best when well glazed…

If you think there’s a lot of window styles in your local Premium Retailer’s range, just wait until you discover the varieties of glass they have in stock. You may not have the first idea of how your new aluminium windows should be glazed, but one of their clever window consultants will. Whether you want a double or triple glazed aluminium window, they will offer up the best glazed solutions.

A multi-point locking system is built into the windows...

It’s the finer details that make all the difference. From the uber-modern to the tastefully traditional, there is a beautiful collection of handles and accessories to complement your style.

Whether modern and sleek or traditional and premium, you will find the accessories to really make your windows stand out.

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