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Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing is the quickest, most cost-effective way to ensure your home is energy efficient.

We’ll put you on the right track to the perfect window…

Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, as well as materials, colours, and glazing, we can help you get the very best double glazed windows. For those homes that do not have double glazing, a Premium Retailer can quickly and effortlessly replace your old windows with new ones.

Your new double glazed windows will significantly improve the overall look and feel of your home, as well as improve its security and help you reduce your energy consumption. Not only do double glazed windows reduce your energy costs, but they also provide an extra layer of security to your home.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

There are many things to like about our double glazed windows…

When double glazed windows are purchased from a Premium Retailer, they will have an A+ energy rating as standard, which makes them one of the market’s best performing windows. They will capture just the right amount of heat from the sun that your home needs at any given time and will bring an end to excessive heat loss, leaving you with a warmer home interior.

The performance glazing in the windows has a low-iron pane for a clearer view, together with specialist low-e coated glass to capitalise on the sun’s rays and restrict heat loss.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows

Explore our double glazing range

It tends to be UPVC that people ask for when they buy new double glazed windows, but aluminium double glazed windows have a growing audience of buyers, somewhat due to their stunning powder-coated finishes.

An eternal favourite that can rightly be called a classic…

In the minds of many, the casement window is the most practical and stylish of all window options and it’s difficult to argue with that viewpoint. Its design can be further improved with a wealth of additional features if you’re determined to have windows that deliver thermal performance of the highest order.

A set of casement windows can also be counted on to help you feel secure in your home as they have highly engineered frames that will flummox any thief. The product is backed up by a quality guarantee, so it will be money very well spent.

Grey UPVC Casement Windows

Versatility is the strongest asset of a tilt & turn window…

If the widest possible opening is what you want, a tilt & turn window will cater for that request, and when this opening is in operation, a rush of fresh air will race into your home. A single turn of the handle results in the top of the window tilting inwards and if you turn it some more, the entire window will open inwards, which is a handy thing for cleaning.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Capture more of an outdoor feel…

Bay & Bow windows are certain to be a prominent feature, wherever they’re installed in your house. They’ll establish a feeling of space and depth because of how effectively they draw in light.

Both bay & bow window styles can be curved or angled to fit the relevant apertures and they come available in a broad choice of colours and woodgrain effects. Their multi-chambered frames and performance glazing will keep heat held in tight and be as well-insulating and secure as casement windows.

White UPVC Bay & Bow Windows

A reinvention of an all-time classic style…

It would be remiss not to have Georgian bar detailing on cottage windows as it feels as though it ought to be customary to have them. In contrast to a traditional cottage window, these cottage windows come with an up to date UPVC or aluminium profile.

The weather isn’t the only thing that will be kept out by the windows. Thieves will also be denied entry into your home because of their secure credentials. A traditional-looking window that will never fall into old-fashioned territory.

Grey UPVC Cottage Windows

You’re spoilt for choice with our exquisite colour range…

Traditional white UPVC windows will always have a place, but that doesn’t mean that you must always follow the crowd. Our extensive paint application process allows our Premium Retailers to offer you more colour options than their competitors. These options also extend to finishes like Grey and Irish Oak, or the infinitely enchanting, Chartwell Green.

The chic powder-coated finish is fade-resistant…

No other aluminium window system has a coloured finish that’s as deep and rich as the finish found on these magnificent aluminium window designs. The secret behind that is an 11-stage powder-coating procedure, a process that leads to strong paint adhesions being induced. But there is another option – an aluminium woodgrain finish. Achieved via sublimation, the three woodgrain finishes of Oak, Walnut and Rosewood look remarkably like real timber finishes.

Privacy glazing is a potential glazing option…

Glass might be the most underappreciated element of any window design and it shouldn’t be. As with the window design itself, you should first decide what you want from your glass, be that either stylish good looks or rugged performance.

Privacy Glazing – Keep your inner sanctuary intact with bespoke privacy glazing. Its near-frosted appearance effectively shields sight of any locations you want to remain private and can be incorporated into double glazed and triple glazed units.

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