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Tiled Roof Conservatories

The tiled roof system is commonly used on modern conservatories and our version is unbelievably light and will generate lots of light inside the structure.

A gorgeously light interior

You may incorrectly believe that a tiled roof may result in a conservatory that lacks natural light, but nothing could be further from the truth. The inclusion of full length rectangular glass roof panels will allow sunlight to flood your new living space.

The inside of tiled roof conservatories is very impressive, with the exquisitely vaulted plastered ceiling establishing a room-like feel. There’s also an internal pelmet which can house spotlights and / or speakers. With a tiled roof you can easily create a thoroughly modern conservatory extension perfectly designed to suit your home.

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Fast and fuss-free installation

The roofing system is pre-manufactured for the tiled roof design so that the installation can be completed quickly and with hardly any waste or disruption caused. As standard, the roof comes with modern aluminium ridges and hip capping, and you can request an upgrade to traditional tile roof capping.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof Conservatory
Tiled Roof Extension

Tiled roof conservatory features

Each Premium Retailer has its own design team and they will do everything they can to incorporate your ideas into the tiled roof conservatory.

If you can provide the design team with some photographs and measurements, it will help to get the project off to a great start and act as a guide for them when they come to plan the conservatory.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Living Space

Tiled Roof Insulation

The materials complied to make the Warm Roof, including rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, are thermally efficient and prevent heat loss, keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature all year round and increasing its usability.

Tiled Roof Tiles

Externally the lightweight roof coverings emulate the appearance and colour of traditional roofing tiles or slate so that you can choose a finish that is in-sync with the rest of the property.

Tiled Roof Glass

Available with a variety of styles and roof glazing to suit all, so you can find the best option to suit you and your home. Glass panels and Velux windows can be seamlessly integrated exactly where you want them.


Fully insulated internal Pelmet which gives a room-like feel and is ideal for downlights and speakers.

Finishing touches for tiled roof conservatories

Now that you’ve selected the ideal door for your tiled roof conservatory, let’s turn our attention to the window frames—they play a role just as significant! We offer both UPVC and aluminium frames, each with its unique advantages. UPVC serves as the sturdy foundation, boasting durability and excellent energy efficiency. Meanwhile, aluminium exudes a sleek, contemporary aesthetic coupled with long-lasting durability.

UPVC frames offer a comprehensive solution...

Their exceptional strength ensures they remain resistant to warping, fading, or rotting, no matter the circumstances. What’s more, maintaining them is a breeze, making them a perfect choice for individuals with busy schedules seeking to minimise window upkeep.

Consider UPVC as your home’s personal climate controller, keeping you cosy during winter and cool throughout summer—an effective climate regulation system right at your fingertips! Moreover, they contribute to noise reduction, allowing you to relish moments of peace and tranquillity whenever necessary. With an array of attractive colours available, UPVC frames not only deliver practical benefits but also add a touch of style and affordability to any tiled roof conservatory.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

Explore UPVC frame colours...

While white remains a timeless option, offering that dependable elegance to any conservatory, we’re excited to offer over 20 other UPVC colours waiting for you to discover.

Our Premium Retailers have observed a growing preference for modern finishes like anthracite grey, black, and a range of shades of grey, as well as the inviting warmth of an oak effect. All our finishes are equally captivating, whether you’re drawn to the classic allure of white or the charm of Chartwell Green.

Ready to modernise your conservatory?

Tough yet surprisingly flexible, aluminium frames allow for larger windows and doors without compromising strength, thanks to their slim sightlines showcasing a sleek design.

Consider aluminium as the superhero of materials—resistant to rust and corrosion, minimising upkeep efforts. Choosing an aluminium tiled roof conservatory injects a touch of contemporary charm into your home, and the sustainability factor ensures your investment lasts for years to come.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Explore our range of aluminium finishes...

Whether you lean towards subtle elegance or prefer making bold statements, our selection of 150 aluminium RAL colours ensures there’s something for everyone. Crafting these finishes requires hours of dedicated work to achieve perfection, but rest assured, the result is truly worth it!

Our 11-stage powder-coating procedure guarantees that your chosen colours remain vibrant and durable, resilient to whatever life throws their way. And if you’re a fan of woodgrain finishes such as Oak, Rosewood, and Walnut effects, we’ve got you covered with a method known as sublimation. This process produces textures that are remarkably authentic, adding a touch of natural charm to your space.

Two types of tile to choose from

Our tiled roofing system is so light compared to most conservatory roofs and can be added to virtually any type of conservatory or orangery.

Ideal for a design with a low-pitched roof, a lightweight slate roof will be a perfect substitute for a traditional slate roof and look just as timeless.

Exquisitely crafted handles...

The traditional and contemporary-styled handles on the windows have been lovingly crafted by a highly skilled team of craftspeople. The thrill of opening and closing the windows via the handle will never diminish.

The security of the windows mainly stems from the locking system that is built into the windows.

Our Premium Retailers can do it all

You won’t need anyone but a Premium Retailer to take care of organising your tiled roof conservatory as they have experience in all aspects of design and installation.

Throughout the installation process you will be kept informed of the progress made by your Premium Retailer so that you know when you expect things to be finished.

Ultraroof Conservatory

Door options – tiled roof conservatories

Our network of Premium Retailers throughout the UK ensures that you have access to the finest selection of door options available. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of French doors or the modern sophistication of patio sliding and bi-folding doors, our premium selection caters to all tastes and preferences.

Bi-Fold Doors on Conservatories

With just a simple flick of the wrist, you can effortlessly open up entire walls to your garden or patio area with bi-folding doors, blurring the boundaries between inside and out.

But the benefits of bi-fold doors don’t stop there. Not only do they meet the latest security standards, ensuring your peace of mind, but they also provide exceptional weatherproofing to keep your space cosy and dry, no matter the weather outside. It’s the ultimate must-have addition for any conservatory, adding an extra touch of charm to your living space.

Anthracite Grey Bi-Folding Doors

Patio Doors on Conservatories

With their sleek design and smooth operation, you can place your furniture near the doors without worrying about obstructing their movement. Picture the effortless glide of the door along stainless steel runners, while the expansive glazed surfaces allow natural light to flood into your tiled roof conservatory, illuminating your space in the most delightful way possible.

Our patio doors boast top-notch thermal efficiency and security features, ensuring that your conservatory remains comfortable and secure year-round. With customisable options to fit your conservatory design perfectly, patio doors are the ideal choice.

Anthracite Grey Patio Doors on Conservatory

French Doors on Conservatories

Designed with families in mind, our French Doors offer the perfect solution for seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces, like a tiled roof conservatory, adding both practicality and style to your home. Whether you need to dash outside quickly or invite the outdoors in, our doors offer convenience at your fingertips. Simply swing open one door for quick access or leave both doors open to enjoy a refreshing breeze when the weather permits.

But the versatility of French doors extends beyond just outdoor use. Install them indoors to effortlessly connect spaces, such as a tiled roof conservatory to a neighbouring room, creating a seamless flow throughout your home.

Grey Conservatory with French Doors

Single Doors on Conservatories

Discover effortless access to your tiled roof conservatory with our collection of single doors, meticulously crafted from UPVC or composite materials, and expertly installed by our handpicked Premium Retailers.

Explore the adaptability of a stable door, providing choices such as a tilt-ready or fully opening top section while maintaining the security of the bottom portion. Engineered with a comprehensive array of security features, our single doors are meticulously designed to discourage intruders and protect your extension with unwavering assurance.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory

Hardware for Conservatory Doors

Though seemingly minor, hardware plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall appeal of your conservatory structure. It serves as the final flourish that harmonises every element seamlessly.

At Conservatory Outlet, we prioritise security. Our durable high-security hardware assortment is crafted to withstand the test of time. Rest assured, your conservatory will not only exude visual brilliance but also guarantee safety and security. Connect with the knowledgeable advisors at your nearby Premium Retailer today. They stand ready to assist you in discovering the ideal finishing touches for your conservatory doors.

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