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Aluminium conservatories are renowned for their sleek, modern design – let a Premium Retailer tailor one for your home.

A luxurious offering with an affordable price tag…

Don’t be deceived by the lightness of aluminium. It’s tremendously strong and the ideal material for constructing conservatory roofs, being robust enough to comfortably support and hold a double-glazed unit. Aluminium windows have a “thermal break” to divide the internal and external surfaces, preventing heat from escaping and cold managing to penetrate its way through the glass and surrounding frame.

A Premium Retailer will provide you with a lengthy guarantee when you purchase a bespoke aluminium conservatory covering both the product and the installation. As standard, your aluminium conservatory will also have double glazed toughened safety glass.

Aluminium Conservatories

Aluminium comes with so many benefits…

Increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing aluminium frames for their conservatory designs due to their wonderfully neat and slick lines. An aluminium design also opens up a seemingly endless choice of coloured finishes, including the most up-to-the-minute shades, effects and textures, and its thermal credentials are as good as it gets.

Aluminium Conservatories


Once you’ve decided on the style of your new aluminium conservatory, we have a huge variety of frame, colour and hardware options for you to choose from that will help you really personalise the look. Choosing a sleek and contemporary conservatory or a more traditional shaped design, our Premium Retailers have the perfect combination that will work for you.

If enjoying home living is one of your favourite pastimes, go for a Classic Aluminium Conservatory.

A Classic Aluminium Conservatory will allow you to do so much more in your home as it will hugely increase floor space, and a Premium Retailer will customise its style specifically for your property. With glazed elements throughout and typically either a dwarf wall or glass-to-floor design, styles like Lean-to aluminium conservatories have lost none of their buyer appeal and remain a popular choice with customers. But huge advances have been made in aluminium construction, making modern aluminium conservatory designs just as desirable as the most classic offerings.

Suited to just about any house style of any era, a Classic Aluminium Conservatory is where you can go to switch off from things, until you feel refreshed and ready for anything again.

Classic Aluminium Conservatory

Handsomely designed and a great complement to a home…

What a Modern Aluminium Conservatory has that a Classic Aluminium Conservatory doesn’t is an internal lighting pelmet – this is how the two options can be distinguished from one another. The mounted spotlights fitted into the pelmet make a Modern Aluminium Conservatory an idyllic space to be in morning, noon, and night. Elevate its elegance some more with an external cornice.

Choose coloured frames for our Modern Aluminium Conservatories to reinforce their modernity, and contemplate the integration of Sliding Patio Doors, French Doors, or Bi-Folding Doors into their design to link the conservatory to an adjoining internal room or your garden – most Modern Aluminium Conservatories come with some of feature door.

Modern Aluminium Conservatory

There’s nothing stopping you from having a Bespoke Conservatory...

Rather than have one fixed style of conservatory, why not ask for a Bespoke Aluminium Conservatory so that you can own a design with traits of multiple styles. When you go bespoke, you can make the conservatory as individual and unique as you want, incomparable to any other conservatory around. Work closely with the design team at your Premium Retailer to fashion a Bespoke Aluminium Conservatory that will get everyone talking.

Bespoke Aluminium Conservatories are often very grand structures with complex configurations and multiple glazed facets. The project may throw up some obstacles, but your Premium Retailer will be experienced and skilled enough to not let anything get in the way of you realising your vision. Inform everything from the glazing and hardware used to what type of furnishings and accessories the finished Bespoke Aluminium Conservatory has.

Bespoke Aluminium Conservatory

Explore options for aluminium conservatories

What you will need to do after choosing an Aluminium Conservatory style via your Premium Retailer is to then select a frame, colour, and some hardware for the design. With the many options they have, any look can be accomplished, such as a traditional cottage aesthetic or contemporary effect. The choices you make will also have an impact on the security of the structure and its overall thermal performance - things to keep in mind when organising your conservatory with your advisor.

Colours to make your Aluminium Conservatory stand out...

Customers are struck by just how striking our aluminium finishes are. How do they look so good? It can be attributed to the powder-coating process that we employ to add the finishes to our aluminium frames. This gives them a robustness and deep texture.

A Premium Retailer can add your chosen RAL finish to both sides of the aluminium frames, if you so wish, in either stain, gloss or matt form.

Let the roof do all the talking and generate attention to your conservatory...

A double glazed glass roof will offer the best possible aerial view from the inside of a conservatory if you love gazing at the clouds above. The transparent covering is also built to reduce the sound caused by lashing rain, sleet, or hail so that you’re not disturbed while enjoying the space, and its solar control is just as exemplary, with little risk of unpleasant glare.

Different tints can be added to a glass roof, and you can opt to have self-cleaning glass included in the system so that you don’t have to endure any difficulty cleaning it. Glass roofs look mightily impressive from the outside and can work beautifully with the accompanying windows and doors.

A tiled roof conservatory has a look and feel about it that’s unlike any other roofing solution...

It’s no secret that a tiled roof can lead to a slight reduction in overhead light in comparison to a glass or polycarbonate roof, but you can look past that when you see just how attractive it is internally and externally. It will afford you more privacy and roof windows can always be incorporated into the covering so that a UPVC conservatory receives enough light and doesn’t ever feel too dark inside.

Choose a style of tile for the roof that will help it complement your home’s roof tiles, and please be advised that an insulated tiled roof is usable in new-build conservatories and existing conservatories.

No compromise on light...

It’s so important to consider how much natural light your new room will let in. The Ultraroof can incorporate Velux windows for added light and ventilation, or for even more light and a feeling of space, full length glass panels can be seamlessly integrated right where you want them.

You can even design your roof with integrated LED lights for that all-important finish.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Extension

The finer details are what make a aluminium conservatory complete...

The window and door handles for our aluminium conservatories are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard so that they continuously perform and retain their good looks.

An advisor at your Premium Retailer will be able to offer any insight that you need to select a window and door handle style and colour.

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