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What are the new conservatory rules?


The rules and regulations surrounding conservatories in the UK have changed recently, affecting homeowners who are considering adding a conservatory to their property. We’ll explore the new conservatory rules and what they mean for homeowners.

Firstly, it’s important to note that planning permission is not usually required for conservatories in the UK, as long as they meet certain criteria. However, even if planning permission is not required, building regulations will still need to be adhered to.

The new rules, which came into effect in 2021, have been put in place to ensure that conservatories are constructed in a safe and energy-efficient way. Some of the key changes are listed below.

Black Conservatory

Building regulations now apply to all conservatories

Previously, conservatories that were less than 30 square metres in size were exempt from building regulations. However, the new rules mean that building regulations now apply to all conservatories, regardless of size.

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Energy efficiency requirements

Conservatories must now meet certain energy efficiency requirements. This means that the glazing and insulation used in the conservatory must meet a certain standard in order to ensure that it is energy-efficient.

Sofa In A Conservatory

Structural requirements

The new rules also include structural requirements that must be met. This includes requirements for the foundations, walls, and roof of the conservatory.

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Building control approval

Homeowners will now need to obtain building control approval for their conservatory, which ensures that the conservatory meets all of the necessary regulations.

Building & Planning Regulations

Changes to permitted development rights

Permitted development rights, which allow certain types of construction without planning permission, have also been updated. The changes mean that the amount of development that can be carried out without planning permission has been reduced in some cases.

Smaller Classic Conservatories

Overall, the new rules for conservatories are designed to ensure that they are built in a safe and energy-efficient way. While they may result in some additional costs and requirements for homeowners, they are ultimately intended to benefit both homeowners and the environment.

It’s important for homeowners considering a conservatory to be aware of these changes and to work with qualified professionals, like our premium retailers across the UK, to ensure that their conservatory meets all of the necessary regulations.

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