Some questions need to be answered in order to successfully plan an extension…

Choosing Your Living Space

There’s huge demand for extensions at the moment as homeowners turn their back on moving and take the easier option of extending their existing space, which you can understand when it’s so much less costly. Our buyers guide will give you an insight into how to get the perfect extension.

Conservatory Location
Pick the perfect position

Where should the extension be fitted? Would you prefer the extension to be a little bit secluded? Are you keen to have a stunning view from the extension?

Your Premium Retailer will have a better idea of what roofing system and windows and doors will be most suited once they know the answers to these types of questions.

Personalised extension designs

The look of the extension is the most important thing for most customers as they want it to stand out at their home and there’s no question that it will when it has smart UPVC or aluminium windows, a tiled roof and some skylights.

On our website you will see the many different options that are available.

Accessorise the room

Together with your local Conservatory Outlet Retailer, you can achieve anything and you’ll see that with your own eyes when you are presented with your extension on the 3D Software they have. It’s a phenomenal piece of technology.

You won’t quite know where to start with the extension because of the sheer number of things you can do so far the roof is concerned (you can have traditional tile or slate and modern composite) and the wealth of window and door styles on offer.

Conservatory Gym
Conservatory Accessories


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