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Replacement Windows

Contact your local Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer for customised replacement windows that will transform it in so many ways.

Conservatory Outlet windows

The replacement window range offered by your nearest Premium Retailer will cover all window styles, so there will be a design that’s a worthy substitute for your existing windows. This will apply wherever your home happens to be located, whether it’s out in the middle of the countryside or amongst the hustle and bustle of suburban life. The windows are magnificently crafted and done so with deft hand-made skill and premium materials. They also include energy efficient glass to help improve thermal efficiency levels. As for coloured finishes, there’s everything from a classic white colour to a woodgrain in Rosewood, Mahogany, and Golden Oak.

White UPVC Windows

Extreme UPVC Windows

The ‘EXTREME’ label has been given to this UPVC window collection because it outperforms your standard UPVC windows on just about every level.

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Grey Envisage Flush Windows

Envisage Flush Windows

The inspiration for Envisage came from the traditional flush casement window. It has a similar design but promises modern-day window benefits.

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Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Eclipse Aluminum Windows

An Eclipse aluminium window has such neat lines and is amongst the slimmest window systems you will find anywhere. What a view it offers.

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Finance Options Available

To make life easy for you, a selection of Premium Retailers can arrange a variety of convenient easy payment finance options (subject to application & affordability). Making an application is simple and we promise you a quick decision. Everything can be sorted out with you in the comfort of your home or in a retail showroom and you should get an answer to your application within 24 hours, so you can enjoy whatever you’ve set your heart on right away.

Learn more about our Replacement Window range

Our Premium Retailers are experts in all things windows. They’re here to help you find the perfect glazing for your home, wherever you live in the UK. To help you decide on the right windows for your home we’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions below. If you have any other questions contact your nearest Premium Retailer for advice.

What is the best window type for my home?

Knowing what window to buy is a case of understanding your home’s style and finding a material you like.

Replacement window undertakings for old cottages and period residences must be handled delicately and require very specific window types in order to gain the approval of planning committees, like Sliding Sash and Georgian windows. These time-honoured window styles are wholly in keeping with such property styles – Georgian windows have the purest lines to uphold traditional aesthetics.

Fast-forwarding to the present-day, your contemporary abode would seem well-suited to Eclipse Aluminium windows. They’re as slimline as you can get, maximising views and inviting in a score of natural light. Powder-coated finishes are stringently integrated into the frame and varied enough to enable you to find a finish to complement the home’s accompanying elements.

Your property’s age may fall somewhere between being traditional or modern, and if it does, what a wealth of options you have. May we suggest the choosing of windows that fit your design tastes and obey functionality requirements. Bay and Bow windows do a fantastic job of filling a room with light, or opt for low-maintenance Casement windows, a fellow classic window design.

When caught between trying to decide over UPVC or aluminium frames, here are some attributes of the two that may help. UPVC is very traditional in its look and a financially efficient solution. Aluminium exudes a modern, sleek aesthetic and encompasses more glass.

You won’t be constricted for choice no matter which house you reside in. Give the website of your local Premium Retailer a thorough exploration and if you spot a window you like, see it in a showroom.

How energy efficient are windows available from Conservatory Outlet?

Our replacement windows have energy ratings exceeding the standard.

Rising energy costs have added to the financial pressures that the modern householder faces. Fight off the increased price of fuel by enhancing energy efficiency at home with new window replacements bought via a Premium Retailer. Some of the hardest hit households are those full of draughts and these originate from inefficient windows, responsible for letting hot air get out when what’s needed is to keep the warmth produced by a boiler inside.

Address the situation with an upgrade to double or triple glazed windows to save money and stop going cold in winter. Over the long-term, savings can be vast, making it a total no-brainer to give your old windows the heave-ho and welcome in money gains with new energy efficient designs.

Should I choose double or triple glazing?

Replacement windows are sold double and triple glazed – choose carefully between the two.

Speculating on whether to specify double or triple glazed windows is difficult to do as it will hinge on what requirements you have, and each customer has their own set of them. Double glazing and triple glazing have numerous upsides and it’s advisable to have a Premium Retailer relay these to you before committing to anything.

A double glazed unit is occupied by two glass panes, whereas a triple glazed equivalent contains three glass panes.

Triple glazed windows are vaunted for their exceptional heat retention and curtailing of draughts. They also impress in the area of sound absorption, but if noise is a serious headache, it’s definitely exploring some acoustic glazing to dull decibel levels heard from inside the house.

A larger outlay is necessary for triple glazed windows, with double glazed solutions coming in at a lower cost. Talking through your needs is the simplest strategy of pinpointing which will be best to choose, so get into a conversation with an advisor at a Premium Retailer. They’ll listen and indicate solutions that are in parallel with what you tell them.

Obtaining informed guidance from a team with unrivalled knowledge of windows can’t fail to steer you towards replacement windows that offer steadfast security, energy efficiency, and sound insulation.

How secure are replacement windows from Conservatory Outlet?

Conservatory Outlet’s safety-first approach is echoed in the extreme security of our window designs.

Security is as much of a concern for us as it is for you. All the window products in the ranges of our Premium Retailers contain resilient secure components, including robust locks and top-drawer hardware. Their role is to prevent external force exerted by thieves from managing to break the windows open, protecting you to the hilt.

UPVC and aluminium are two of the materials used in the construction of the windows sold by each Premium Retailer and both demonstrate incredible resilience, resistant to any tampering or damage. They’ll have your back, don’t worry about that!

Security can be tightened further with the incorporation of the advanced security options offered by a Premium Retailer, like toughened glass, to make a possible break-in even less likely to occur.

Of course, replacement windows need to be competently fitted in line with regulations to attain the security they’re meant to provide. Skillsets of the installation crews at Premium Retailers are first-rate.

Security isn’t something you can take for granted and we certainly don’t, exhibited by the immense protection built into our replacement windows to help you feel safe and sound indoors.

Can I see your window range in person before I buy?

Window collections are elegantly displayed in country-wide showroom locations.

Near enough all areas of the UK are serviced by a Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer and you can pay them a visit at their showroom to view the different window ranges they stock and supply. An evaluation of each window exhibited will reveal a quality manufactured product, with cutting-edge style and energy efficient attributes. It will be a voyage of discovery and help inform any decisions you take on replacement windows.

On a showroom visit, you’ll also get to meet the friendly team of people who work at your local Premium Retailer, each possessing phenomenal window-based knowledge. Ask them for the full details of each range displayed, obtain advice, and get an honest opinion on what windows they feel will most accommodate your preferences.

If it’s double or triple glazed windows that you’re after, they’re the people to speak to and retrieve insight from to help you with your purchasing decisions.

Does Conservatory Outlet offer a window guarantee?

Each member of our Premium Retailer network will be able to explain their guarantee and warranties.

The 30+ home improvement businesses that make up our national network are collectively committed to delivering window replacements that endure in performance and quality, corroborated by the guarantee issued to you.

Before filing away the guarantee for safe keeping, read it in full and learn about how your Premium Retailer promises prompt action if you experience any window fault or defect over the specified guarantee period. It’s mentioned that small remedial adjustments to the windows could be required at a later date to assist their long-term functioning and condition.

A Premium Retailer’s protracted belief in the lifespan and functionalism of the different window ranges derives from the adoption of high-grade materials and components, and the gruelling manufacturing procedures employed to build them. For the next 10 or 20 years, you’re going to have windows to unreservedly trust to keep you warm and secure.

Alert your Premium Retailer if there’s anything written in the guarantee that you don’t understand or want clarification of so that you know exactly what you’re covered for.

Want to speak with an advisor? Give us a call on 0131 677 0866

Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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