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Flat Roofs & Skylights

Ready to make a statement? A flat roof extension will certainly do that, especially if it also has skylights or lanterns styled into the design.

The best in modern design

Any lack of strength that your conservatory has will be rectified with the addition of a stunning new flat roof. It can be combined with bi-folding doors or large sliding doors to invite light and create the feeling of space, and if you want an overhang outside, just request an asymmetrical finish.

There is clever insulating technology in a flat roof extension, so you don’t need to be concerned about the design providing enough comfort, as it will brilliantly retain heat.

Flat Roof Extensions

Specially customised

Your new roof will be unlike any other as it will be customised for your conservatory, with your Premium Retailer shaping it to fit the design. For maximum glazing, why not have some bi-folding doors? They can span up to 5.8m without any need for additional pillars.

Flat Roof Extensions

Encourages light in

It’s all about the finer details with home extensions. A flat roof from a Premium Retailer can be provided so that it comes with lanterns, skylights and various fascia and soffit options, to make a true one-off design.

Flat Roof Extensions

Flat Roof features

Show off your impeccable taste to the world with a modern flat roof that has perfectly asymmetrical angles and edges. Help it brighten the atmosphere by including lanterns and flat skylights.

Familiarise yourself with the key features of a flat roof by clicking on the hotspots.

Flat Roof

Thermally Insulated Glass Frames

With warm frame technology to minimise condensation build-up.

Edge to Edge Glass

For a frameless contemporary look

Solar Control Glazing

Your choice of solar control glazing options to keep your room comfortably warm and energy efficient.

Flat Roof Membrane

For a contemporary style and high performance design.

Decorative Cornice

To add the all-important finishing touch to your roof.

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Beautifully Pitched

A well-pitched lantern will result in natural light flooding into the orangery, making it feel beautifully light, bright, and airy, just how it should be. The specialist thermal components in a lantern are how the product does such a fine job of keeping spaces thermally efficient.

Flat Roof Extensions

Frameless Skylights

A frameless skylight will give you edge-to-edge glazing and a feature window that’s undeniably stunning, which never fails to fill your living space with natural light. It has an ultra-slim aluminium surround, a fully insulated housing section that has Warm Frame technology and noise-reducing glass as standard.

Flat Roof Extensions

Finance Options Available

To make life easy for you, a selection of Premium Retailers can arrange a variety of convenient easy payment finance options (subject to application & affordability). Making an application is simple and we promise you a quick decision. Everything can be sorted out with you in the comfort of your home or in a retail showroom and you should get an answer to your application within 24 hours, so you can enjoy whatever you’ve set your heart on right away.

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Learn More About Our Flat Roofs & Skylights

Replacing your conservatory roof is one of the best things you can do for your living space, but it’s natural to have questions about which roof type is right for you. To help you decide if a flat roof is right for you we’ve answered some of the most common questions about them below. If you have any other questions contact your nearest Premium Retailer for more details.

Can existing conservatories have a flat roof added?

Your existing conservatory can have a flat roof added to it.

After several years of use, you may have started to notice a temperature decline in your conservatory and be looking to address this with a replacement roof.

Could a flat roof be a solution? Yes, it can be, and its flat appearance is a great alternative to a traditional sloped roof.

We’ll adapt our flexible contemporary flat roof to help us seamlessly integrate it into your current conservatory design. Just in case you’re worried about how well it will drain away rainwater, something that older flat roofs can be poor at doing, it has an advanced drainage system to resist leaks and water damage.

Following the fitting of a flat roof, your conservatory will boast a sleeker and more minimalist aesthetic and lots of natural light will continue getting into it – ask for skylights or roof lights to be styled into the roof for supplementary light.

Why should I choose a flat roof for my extension?

Adding a flat roof to an extension offers many advantages.

The cost-effectiveness of a flat roof is reason enough to choose this form of covering and it has a low price point because there’s few materials and shortened labour required and involved in its construction.

Flat roof extensions are consistently usable, even in the face of extreme weather, and the simplicity of their design makes maintenance easy work.

They’re just so smart to look at and this is sure to heighten the appeal of properties with whatever kind of architectural styling they happen to possess. Customisation options are plentiful too if you wish to include things like skylights, lanterns, certain fascias and soffits etc. in a flat roof.

Essentially, it’s the practicality and lucrative benefits of flat roofs that makes them an enticing product.

With a solid roof, how can I let light into my conservatory?

Include roof windows or skylights to entice light inside a flat roof design.

Maximise light in the exquisite confines of a flat roof extension with well-pitched roof windows or skylights.

After analysis of the structure, your Premium Retailer will pinpoint locations in the roof covering where ample sunlight will penetrate its way through any glazed openings you request.

To control glare and solar heat gain so that you’re never left squinting or sweating, facets in the roof will be occupied by UV-coated glass, and why not also introduce a feature door as an additional light source?

A light colour scheme and light-coloured furnishings will help reflect and magnify this deluge of natural light, as will a few mirrors installed on the walls of the interior space.

Utilise all these suggestions to establish a bright living environment.

Are flat roofs energy efficient?

Clever insulating technology in our flat roof rewards you with energy efficient surroundings.

Correctly designed and appropriately insulated flat roofs realise contemporary thermal standards and manage to reduce unwanted heat transference.

In the coldest seasons, a quality flat roof extension will keep heat loss minimised, and when external temperatures start to rise again, ensure that heat gain doesn’t grow to the point where it leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

Insulation is an integral ingredient, otherwise a flat roof lends itself to being incapable of absorbing and radiating heat like you need it to. The material choice is also a fundamental element in promoting insulation.

To optimise their performance, the flat roofs supplied by our Premium Retailers include multiple thermal components, insulating technology etc., and add-ons, such as the frameless skylights we offer, feature Warm Frame technology.

Do I need planning permission for a replacement roof?

Flat roof installations must comply with planning laws and building regulations.

One of the first things that needs uncovering if you’re considering investment into a flat roof is whether it will be subject to planning permission.

Different factors can dictate whether a planning application is likely needed or not, such as what size of conservatory it is, where it is located at the house, and if any previous alterations have been made to the building.

You can get clarity from your local authority on where you stand with planning permission and building regulations so that you don’t go on to break any rules.

Non-compliance with the regulations could see you being fined, taken to court, or ordered to have the conservatory demolished. A Premium Retailer will help you through the process to stop this from happening.

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