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A UPVC Conservatory’s uncomplicated and tasteful design makes it’s a deserving and consistent addition to any property.

All UPVC Conservatory styles and options are here for you...

UPVC Conservatories have long been this country’s favourite form of conservatory and it’s unsurprising why. The affordability of UPVC Conservatories is a contributing factor – for the space they offer, you get an amazing return on your investment. UPVC is also a very low-maintenance material and is flexible enough for a Premium Retailer to create Gable, Edwardian, Victorian, P-Shaped, T-Shaped and Lean-To designs.

Each of the finishes applied to our UPVC Conservatories is incredibly authentic and help our designs beautifully merge in with customers’ homes.

Ultraroof Conservatory

UPVC comes with so many benefits…

Increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing aluminium frames for their conservatory designs due to their wonderfully neat and slick lines. An aluminium design also opens up a seemingly endless choice of coloured finishes, including the most up-to-the-minute shades, effects and textures, and its thermal credentials are as good as it gets.

Living Space Conservatory

Consider the positioning and functionality of the space...

Have you thought about where you’d like your UPVC Conservatory to be situated at your home? This will determine things such as whether it needs to be North or South facing and what kind of roofing system, glazing, and accessories will be best. Your Premium Retailer also needs to be informed of how you intend to use the extension.

Conservatories make for great playrooms for young children, or you might want to reserve it for relaxation so that you have somewhere peaceful to go and switch off. A square or rectangular shape will offer the most amount of floor space and you can also have an “L” configuration if the conservatory will be multi-purpose.

Modern Conservatory


Our beautiful UPVC Conservatories are conveniently categorised into three design styles – classic, contemporary, and bespoke. Get background information into each of them below.

A Classic UPVC Conservatory has every ingredient that any good conservatory design should have.

The added space that a Classic UPVC Conservatory injects into your property will enrich your home lifestyle, and it can increase the valuation of the house by a healthy percentage. With multiple glazed facets throughout and commonly a dwarf wall too, enduring UPVC conservatory styles like the Gable, Edwardian and Lean-To conservatory still remain a big favourite with homeowners. These designs are far more advanced now than in days gone by because they are constructed using the most cutting-edge materials and components.

Grey Lean-To Conservatory

A magnificent centrepiece that will be carefully designed...

What a modern UPVC Conservatory has that a Classic UPVC Conservatory doesn’t is an internal light pelmet, which makes its atmosphere quite unique to anything else. The mounted spotlights in the ceiling of a modern Conservatory create a very relaxed ambience, and you can further the elegance of the design by requesting an external cornice. Choose coloured frames and have Sliding Patio Doors, Bi-Fold Doors or French doors integrated to augment the modern aesthetic of the structure.

Glass To Floor Conservatory

Create a tailored Bespoke Conservatory to suit your individual needs...

You can work with the design team at your Premium Retailer to collectively engineer a Bespoke UPVC Conservatory with their sophisticated design software. It can have influences of any conservatory style you like and be customised as thoroughly as you want. Make it really stand out or have it subtly blended into your property – the choice is yours! In general, a typical Bespoke UPVC Conservatory tends to be a very grand and complex structure with a high amount of glazing.

Bespoke Conservatory

Explore options for UPVC conservatories

After settling on a choice of UPVC conservatory style, your attention then needs to be turned to selecting a form of frame, coloured finish, and hardware for the conservatory so that your Premium Retailer can get on with the job of designing it. The options that they have will enable you to achieve any look, from a traditional cottage aesthetic to a modern masterpiece. Be mindful that what you choose will have a significant impact on how secure the conservatory is and what standard of thermal efficiency it offers.

A UPVC Conservatory can have a smooth surface finish or textured woodgrain...

To make your UPVC Conservatory really look at home, find a coloured finish for the extension that will brilliantly fuse the design together with your property. The standard colour palette for UPVC Conservatories includes cream, green, rosewood, black, grey, mahogany, light oak, grey and whitegrain. Other colours are available that will similarly elevate the appearance of the frames and give the design a heightened presence.

The designer tiles are a perfect imitation of authentic tiles...

Your Premium Retailer will be transparent with you at every stage of the process and one of the things they will inform you of is that having a tiled roof can slightly restrict light transference, but only marginally. It’s not something to be put off by as the system can be adapted to include roof windows to overcome this and the integrated spotlights within the interior will also provide a powerful source of light.

Great roof performance is integral if a conservatory is to offer comfortable surroundings...

The view through your conservatory roof will be utterly breath-taking when that roof is a fully double glazed glass roof. What else will please you as much as the view it offers you is the noise-reducing abilities of the system – you will barely hear anything when rain or hail hits it. The glass roof can also be specified so that it provides exceptional solar control.

Several tints are available for the glass roof and if you don’t want to spend any of your time or money cleaning the roof, just ask your Premium Retailer for self-cleaning glass. A glass roof will be a fine accompaniment to the glazed windows and doors.

Let light spill into your luxury living space...

Natural light is so precious and it’s nice to try and get as much of it inside a UPVC Conservatory as you can. Roofing systems like the Ultraroof can come with built-in Velux windows to promote light transference or you can request that it includes full length panels for the same purpose.

Integrated LED lights are a further option and essential for night-time conservatory usage.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Extension

Complete the UPVC Conservatory design with hardware...

We put so much focus on the manufacture of our window and door handles to ensure that they can cope with persistent usage and retain their smart looks for the duration of the conservatory’s lifespan.

An advisor can help you select a window and door style and colour if it will help you add the perfect finishing touches.

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