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Buyers Guide

Need a new and more reliable roof for your conservatory? Our Premium Retailers have managed lots of conservatory roof replacements and we can offer fantastic guidance.

Visit a Premium Retailer’s showroom

We severely doubt that you have ever bought a house without seeing it first. It would be just as inadvisable to purchase a new conservatory roof before viewing it. Pop into your local Conservatory Outlet Retailer’s showroom for a look.

Only by seeing the roofing systems can you begin to understand how they will all change your conservatory for the better – the advisors in each showroom will also provide assistance with tiles and accessories.

Premium Retailer Showroom

Choose carefully

Switching from a traditional conservatory roof to a lightweight tiled roof will create more of a room-like feel inside the space and you’ll also have a modern internally finished ceiling. It will revive the fondness that you previously had for conservatory living.

An old conservatory may only be able to take a lightweight roof so that its structural integrity is kept and it won’t collapse underneath. Your local Premium Retailer will visit your property to inspect your conservatory so that they can judge whether any of the existing framework needs to be upgraded first.

Living Spaces
Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory

Entice in light

Your new solid roof system can come with performance glass panels or Velux windows so that your conservatory is enriched with natural light during the day. These glazed facets will also keep the space energy efficient, preventing any temperature fluctuations and expensive heating costs.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory

A bespoke design

The tiled roof that you order from your local Premium Retailer will be customised for your conservatory design. It can be accessorised with many finishing touches, including an insulating pelmet, decorative cornice and guttering.

Tiled Roof Extension