Orangeries are a great way of enhancing the light and space in line with the style of your home.
Choosing an Orangery or Conservatory?

Most of the orangeries that you see when out and about are very faithful to the homes where they’re fitted and wonderfully co-ordinated with them. Any orangery bought from a Premium Retailer will be exactly the same and contain more brickwork over glass to give you a private space that’s fit for continuous use.

When we say you can do anything with orangeries, we really mean it. You will also be who determines whether you have a traditional or modern orangery.

Orangery Living Space
Traditional Orangery or Contemporary Orangery?

A Premium Retailer will want to ensure you’re a happy customer and will talk you through the different benefits of traditional and contemporary orangeries. A contemporary design will have the solid brick structure of a traditional orangery and look practically identical to one on the inside.

But, what it won’t have is the flat perimeter around the roof like you get in a traditional orangery. Your traditional orangery is a stunning space and superb value for money for what you get.

Orangery Living Space
Get the Look!

Get The Look!

The intelligent glazing in a modern glass roof will brilliantly regulate the internal temperature. You won’t notice the changing of the seasons when enjoying the space as the temperature will always feel consistently manageable. 

A key question

What do you consider more important – that the orangery matches your home’s look or improves your garden space? Deliberate this with a Premium Retailer to find the answer. 

Orangery Living
Orangery features

How do you envisage using the space? Will it be a kitchen extension where you both cook and socialise in a single space or do you see it more as being a space for relaxed family gatherings?

The hotspots opposite will give you background information into the main elements of a classic orangery design.


Brick Pillars

Incorporating brick pillars alongside large windows and feature doors to create a perfectly coordinated addition to your existing home.


We offer a full range of high-security locking systems and accessories to ensure that your home will be protected from the threat of break-ins.


High performance, solar control glass offers excellent energy efficiency. With an ultra-clear outer pane, and a super soft coat inner pane as standard.


Do you want your orangery to reflect your home’s image or enhance your garden space? We can help you to answer this question and then provide exactly the right solution.

Comfort comes from having a quality roof covering…

Anyone buying an orangery may find the sheer amount of choice a little crippling, and that’s before even considering the array of roof variants. You can have a Classic Roof, Cornice Roof or Lantern Roof – the choice is entirely yours! The Classic Roof is very understated, but in a good way, whilst the Cornice and Lantern roofing systems are very sophisticated designs and as lavish as you will get.

Immaculate handle designs…

The traditional and contemporary-styled handles are made by some of the most skilled craftspeople in the industry and are why the windows are so fun to use.
The windows stay fastened when locked as there is a reliable locking system built into the handles.


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