Bi-Folding Doors

Add the WOW factor to your home with Bi-Folding doors...

The absolute pinnacle in innovative design, we’re proud to reveal our most advanced bi-folding door yet. Engineered to perform effortlessly, the Eclipse bi-folding door is incredibly slim and lightweight for smooth gliding but hides a super strength that ensures your home is secure and protected. A true leader in architectural design, the Eclipse bi-folding door is an ever-popular choice for contemporary properties. With a huge choice of options to customise your look, you’re sure to be the envy of the neighbourhood.


Your conservatory will be all the better for a set of bi-folds...

Including some sort of door in your new conservatory will be a practical thing to do as it will let you create an opening into the garden. Large or small, most conservatory sizes can accommodate a bi-folding door as the door can be anything from just two-panes wide up to seven-panes wide. The thrill of opening a bi-folding door will never diminish. You will get a rush out of using it every time that you get the chance to do it. We’ll finish any bi folds in a matching colour.

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It’s become common for orangeries to have bi-folding doors...

As nice as it is to be inside your orangery, any fine weather will make you want to get outside. You could make your exit into the garden directly from the orangery when you have bi-folding doors within its setup. Customers are advised to have their bi-folding doors incorporated into the largest facet of the orangery so that they get the biggest bi-fold possible for the extension. 

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Other locations can take a bi-folding door installation...

If you don’t have the capacity to extend with a conservatory or orangery, we may still be able to add bi-folding doors somewhere in your home. You could use them as a divider between a kitchen and living room to keep them as very separate entities. You will use every excuse you can think of to have a go at playing with the bi-folding doors, but you can be excused as they are a spectacular door solution.

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A bi-fold door will create one unique, open plan space

To be classed as a ‘permitted development’ and be exempt from planning permission, conservatories must, among other things, have an external grade door separating it from the main property – what better way to do this than with a bi-fold door? When closed an internal bi-fold door will allow you to see into your conservatory and, of course, allow natural light into your home whilst meeting the requirement to have a separate door. But when you want to access your conservatory, or merge the two rooms together, a bi-fold door will more than oblige and create one unique, open plan space.

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