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Undecided on your chosen conservatory? We can’t recommend one of our glass roof conservatories enough if you value light as an important feature.

The country’s best glass roof conservatories

No conservatory project is beyond the capabilities of our Premium Retailers. They never fail to come up with the most stunning glass roof conservatories.

If it’s a modern conservatory that you’ve dreamt of owning or a more traditional offering, we have no doubt that your local Premium Retailer won’t let you down.

Conservatory Living Space

Set a new trend and go bespoke

Have you pictured your dream glass roof conservatory in your head? Pass on your ideas to your local Premium Retailer and let them turn this vision into reality.

You won’t believe quite how many options there are for glass roof conservatories, making it easy for you to create a totally unique glass roof conservatory.

Modern Conservatory

Glass Roof Conservatory features

Have an in-depth conversation with the designer down at your local Retailer so that they can get into your head and understand what kind of glass roof conservatory you want.

They’re more likely to get a feel for your ideas if you can give them some measurements and photographs at your design appointment. The gathering of all this information will

Inform the project designer of your various wants and needs, and if possible, take some measurements and photographs that you can pass on to them to help. This will enable them to get on with the planning and design involved in glass roof conservatories.

Conservatory Living Space


Our high-performance glass not only works hard to ensure the room temperature is comfortable, but also offers chance to add style thanks to our range of colour options.


We offer a full range of high-security locking systems and accessories to ensure that your home will be protected from the threat of break-ins.


You can add lighting to our glass roof Conservatory thanks to our clever internal and external features. The internal pelmet provides the perfect place for lighting or you can add patio lights to the outside within the external soffit.


The things that bring a glass roof conservatory design together are the colour, roof glazing and hardware, or as we refer to them, the ‘finishing touches’.

The perfect conservatory needs the perfect glass

A Premium Retailer has access to some incredible roof glazing products for glass roof conservatories. The roofing system will be covered by the guarantee you receive and this guarantee also includes free annual maintenance checks.

We know that you will uncover a roof glazing solution that keeps the space sufficiently bright, warm and welcoming.

Professionally crafted handles…

The traditional and contemporary-styled handles on the windows have been lovingly crafted by a highly skilled team of craftspeople. The thrill of opening and closing the windows via the handle will never diminish.

The security of the windows mainly stems from the locking system that is built into the windows.

Our Retailers can take on everything

For any glass roof conservatory project, you only need to appoint a Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer as they have specialists in all aspects of design and installation.

They will provide you with regular updates throughout the duration of the project so that you’re not kept in the dark.

Glass Roof Conservatory
Glass Roof Conservatory

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