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Porches – want to make a grand entrance to your home?

A porch will create a stylish entrance that enhances the visual appeal to your property.

Porches will bring instant charm to your home...

Whether you opt for a UPVC or aluminium entrance porch – they are individually designed and will be made to fit any space perfectly, making them suitable for any home in the UK, no matter what your requirements are.

Your local Conservatory Outlet Premium Retailer will take care of the installation and design process of your porch solution, so you can relax knowing your home is in safe hands. They will even assist with planning permission and building regulations, if required.

Porches - Open Entrance Design

Window options for porches

When considering a new or replacement porch, don’t overlook the significance of choosing new window frames. Factors such as security, aesthetics, and thermal efficiency should be carefully weighed when choosing replacement window frames for porches. Both UPVC and aluminium materials present various characteristics. Take the time to explore different frame types and colours to determine which option will best suit your home and porch design.

Super-reliable and cost-effective UPVC windows for your porch...

Our UPVC windows are branded as ‘Extreme’ with total vindication, promising to keep your porch area consistently secure and well-insulated. We harness a premium UPVC material to craft the various design styles, offered at an affordable price but with superior performance assured.

White Extreme UPVC Windows

Reinventing the traditional timber window in UPVC form...

The inspiration behind the development of our Envisage flush casement collection was a hankering to create a modern-day variant of a classic timber window that exceeded it in every department. Design principles have been copied so far as the lines and proportions are concerned, with it boasting the same flat-faced exterior.

Envisage’s malleability allows it to be effortlessly adapted for an application and it outstrips required performance, insulation, and security standards by a considerable distance. Most popularly selected for heritage and rustic residences, Envisage flush windows will bring your porch to prominence.

Grey Envisage Flush Windows

Access to Eclipse is exclusive to our Premium Retailers...

Our premium aluminium windows seamlessly combine strength and aesthetics – two essential factors in any contemporary porch solution.

Designed to withstand unpredictable weather conditions, these ultra-slim windows ensure unparalleled durability. With emphasis on the glazed area, it’s no surprise that Eclipse aluminium windows excel at capturing abundant natural light, leaving porches brilliantly illuminated.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows

Powder-coating the finishes onto the aluminium frames gives them a distinctive advantage...

Our customers frequently inquire about our aluminium finishes, marvelling at their depth and richness. Allow us to unveil the secret behind them – an 11-stage powder-coating process. For our woodgrain frame finishes, we utilise a different approach, employing the sublimation method. This is how we achieve Walnut, Rosewood, and Oak effects that closely mimic the appearance of timber grains for your porch.

Handles styled with such finesse...

Hours of work goes into the crafting of the window handles and you can tell by both observing their detail and feeling them. Grouped into traditional and contemporary styles, they are the culmination of tireless handiwork and a labour of love for our artisan makers.

It won’t take long for you to appreciate the true importance of a porch...

Firstly, there’s the simple benefits when it comes to storage. Gone are the days of having to keep trainers and shoes in the wardrobe or falling over them as you walk around the house. Free up space and keep your home tidy. Then, of course, there is the extra layer of insulation that an entrance porch provides. Sudden draughts and cold spots will become a thing of the past as the cold weather struggles to get past the additional door and roofing.

Entrance Porch in Grey UPVC Frames

Door options for porches

Choose from a range of door options for your new porch.  From our standard UPVC doors to composite doors or even consider choosing French doors for your new porch entyrance.

UPVC Doors for Porches

Your porch door needs to guard against housebreaking, feed the interior with warmth, and exude elegance – UPVC doors manage to fulfil all these roles. They come in at an affordable price and much of their appeal can be accredited to how low maintenance they are, particularly when compared to wooden doors.

Locating a door colour for a UPVC entrance that harmonises with home shouldn’t prove difficult as there’s a cluster of finishes.

Entrance Porch in Brick & Rosewwod UPVC Frames

Composite Doors for Porches

The woodgrain texture visible in a composite door would lead you to believe that is solely constructed from timber. Wood is utilised to build the product, but only a small amount of it, along with UPVC, foam, and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Meshed together, these materials make composite doors astonishingly resilient.

You can count on composite doors to handle the worst of the weather and attain an exceptionally low U-value.

Porches - Brick Design

French Doors for Porches

A porch can have a pair of French doors, no problem, and the double opening they supply will open your house in glamorous fashion. Incorporate sidelights to augment light transfer and their overall stature.

Accessibility through just one half of the design is undemanding if you have occasions when you want to keep just either door portion closed but care to transition in and out.

Porches - Entrance Porch with French Doors

Hardware for Porch Doors

Porches rely on efficient and fully functioning hardware to operate smoothly and it’s also imperative to deliver a secure solution for homes.

Trust it to put unwanted visitors out of reach of your house and relax behind the porch’s dependable barrier. Any designer at a Premium Retailer can go over the intricacies of hardware.

  • Self-locking features for enhanced burglar protection.
  • Latchbolts securely positioned to prevent manipulation when the door is closed.
  • Fully enclosed components ensuring optimum comfort and functionality.

Is planning permission needed for porches?

Porches on your property is considered a permitted development, so you don’t need planning permission porches as long as the porch is under 3m² and not within 2 meters of any boundary that fronts a highway.

In some cases, even if planning permission is not required for your new porch, you may still need to comply with building regulations – your Premium Retailer will do all the checks and if required we will take care of everything for you.

Entrance Porch in White UPVC Frames