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ERG Break Monthly Sales Record

One of Scotland’s leading home improvement providers, ERG Scotland, has smashed its monthly sales record following an incredibly successful return from the nationwide lockdown.

Forming an integral part of the Conservatory Outlet Network, the Invergordon-based business saw record-breaking sales figures of over £650k in September, marking a significant improvement on the previous record that had stood for over a year. Enjoying exceptional performance over the past three months, ERG is now well positioned to break its annual sales record for the second consecutive year, with a projected sales total of well over £4m.

This period of unprecedented, sustained success has been largely attributed to ERG’s continued sales & marketing investment throughout the lockdown period. With an extended Scottish lockdown that meant showrooms couldn’t reopen until July, ERG continued to proactively invest in multi-channel digital marketing campaigns that ensured pre-COVID levels of enquires were maintained.

Coupled with a huge surge in demand for home improvement products across the board, ERG’s foresight allowed its sales teams to return to an incredibly strong order book when showrooms were able to reopen on 20th July.

Remarkably, ERG’s success was achieved with just three full-time sales representatives, two of whom had less than 12 months experience in the home improvement sector. Backed by the knowledge and expertise of the company’s Managing Director, Ian Joy, even the most complex of living space pricing enquires were typically turned around in just 24 hours.

When asked about the huge successes of the past few months, Ian said: “It’s been an incredibly challenging period for our entire team, and we’re thrilled to now be reaping the rewards of our hard work. We were confident that demand for our products would be greater than ever when we returned from lockdown and we were certain that we could continue to offer a first-class service to homeowners, be that either virtually or face-to-face.

“Our decision to continue to invest in sales and marketing at a time of genuine uncertainty ultimately proved to be the right one, as homeowners being stuck inside created an added impetus to improve or extend their homes. It’s been amazing to see such high levels of energy and enthusiasm from our whole team over the past few months.”

Greg Kane, CEO of Conservatory Outlet, continued: “For the ERG team to have broken their monthly sales record so soon after returning from lockdown speaks volumes about their pragmatism and commitment. They were quick to adapt to the new way of working post-COVID and have capitalised on an increasingly healthy appetite within the home improvement sector. It’s shaping up to be a really exciting end to the year for the ERG year, with another record break hopefully on the horizon.”

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