Why Cladovers And Conservatory Insulations Are Best Avoided

Why Cladovers And Conservatory Insulations Are Best Avoided


If you wish your conservatory was better insulated so that you can use it more often over the course of the year, you may have investigated potential solutions and seen conservatory insulation being advertised by some companies. In their promotional messages, they may profess to have a method of cladding an existing conservatory that will increase its thermal efficiency to make useability of the space more attainable.

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We know conservatory roof technology well enough to advise you of the dangers of appointing a conservatory insulation company. There are several potential risks associated with conservatory insulation, and we’ll offer alternative forms of transforming conservatories into cosy, light, and architecturally stable rooms.
You need to know the risks of adding conservatory insulation to old structures and have them explained to you by an expert company.

1. Timber attachments to glazing bars
A conservatory insulation project will also involve the attachment of timber across the full length of the glazing bars. The original weight of the conservatory roof will have been precisely calculated to check that it is structurally safe to use. This will have accounted for the choice of glazing material, what shape and size of the roof it is, its weight, and the location of the house. Where a house is situated is very significant as the roof must be able to cope with any high winds and snow loads. Conservatory roofs are designed with these factors in mind and so that the strength of the necessary glazing bars can be ascertained. Altering the dynamics of a conservatory roof with the attaching of timber batons along the glazing bars puts a serious amount of weight and pressure on it. The timber attachments could cause the roof to collapse and potentially more so if the conservatory is an old design.

2. Thermal barriers
After the attachment of timber batons, a thermal quilt is attached and then PVC cladding to create a supposed effective thermal barrier. It won’t be as it’s impossible to stop conservatories being exposed to heat in summer and when heated up in winter. Our unique methods of ventilating our conservatory roofs may be jeopardised after conservatory insulation has been installed as heat will build up in the roof area and not be able to escape. At the very best, the conservatory will get stiflingly hot and uncomfortable to inhabit. Worse than that though, the excess heat could be capable of destabilising the roof and the rest of the structure. The glazing bars are manufactured from PVC and when PVC reaches a certain temperature, it can start to swell and warp/twist. Once this occurs, the bars lose their strength and may no longer have the resistance to hold the glass, increasing the chances of it moving or falling from the roof.

4. A noticeably darker space
Most of us purchase a conservatory for our home in the hope that it will be a light and airy living environment that you will love being in after work, at weekends, and during our holidays. Adding insulation to a conservatory roof will take away much of the light from the interior as the sun won’t get through its solid area as easily. And it won’t just be the conservatory that’s impacted by this, with other adjoining rooms also likely to have light in them cut off. Whilst it isn’t the biggest potential risk, it’s one to take serious note of.

4. Insufficient fire safety
The threat of a fire spreading is magnified by the materials utilised in a conservatory insulation installation as they won’t have been fire-tested as an original element of the conservatory structure, like the materials in the existing roof will have been. The roofing systems supplied by our Premium Retailers have each been properly fire-tested to guarantee their and your safety.

5. Revoking the conservatory’s guarantee
Conducting any drilling into the conservatory structure and adding quilting and cladding for insulation purposes will invalidate the guarantee that you received with the product. This will leave you without any type of cover, which could come back to bite you if you experience any issues with the conservatory after insulation has been fitted.

What is the alternative to conservatory insulation?

So, now that you know that conservatory insulations are best avoided, you may be wondering what the recommended way of is updating an old conservatory to make it more comfortable in all weathers. There’s a few options and they’re all much safer methods that will add strength, thermal efficiency, and light.

One of them is a solid tiled roof, which can replace your existing conservatory roof in just a couple of days.

Alternative to conservatory insulation
Tiled roofs are a vastly superior option

There’s no cladding involved, like there is with a conservatory insulation, just a straightforward replacement of your roof, something that will enhance structural integrity. Calculations will be carried out to craft a new roof that’s suitable for the weather requirements of the location, light enough to sit on any existing window and door frames, made to the necessary size and shape, and contains any glazing you might want.

Offering unbeatable strength, we will customise our solid tiled roof for your conservatory and include full-length glass panels, if you wish, to make the conservatory, and nearby rooms, far from dark inside, as they would be if you chose conservatory insulation.

We don’t call our replacement roofing systems ‘warm roofs’ for nothing as they provide exceptional thermal performance in comparison to conservatory insulations.

Solid Tiled Roof
Stylish and safe

The look of a new roof will be significantly more aesthetically pleasing than your old roof or the internal side of a cladded roof. Its external tiled finish is available in various colours so that you can match it to your existing roof. Let a Premium Retailer know if you would like glass panels incorporated into the roof design, and get ready to appreciate the beautiful, plastered ceiling it creates.

All UK fire safety regulations are met by our replacement roof, which has been fire-tested as a full system and not just certain individual components. Any additional materials in a conservatory insulation won’t have been fire-assessed in the same manner as the rest of the conservatory, increasing the fire risk. Our roofing solutions also comply with Building Regulations and have received numerous high-profile endorsements.

Visit the roofs section of our website to discover more about all our roofing products.

Stylish and Safe Living Space
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Hopefully, we’ve done enough to warn you off conservatory insulations by doing our best to highlight the different dangers of transforming a conservatory with them – don’t gamble on the welfare of your home and family. Speak to your local Premium Retailer for more informed advice on conservatory insulation and replacement conservatory roofs.

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One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.


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