Conservatory Outlet Launches Digital Sales Training

A series of online sales training forums, designed to explore and share best practice within the home improvement industry, has been officially launched by Conservatory Outlet.

The forums, which have been made available to sales professionals from across the Conservatory Outlet Network, were launched in direct response to the latest COVID-19 lockdown. With participants in excess of 100 across a number of sessions, all keen to discuss the latest tools and techniques to further improve their approach, the training has specifically outlined the Network’s approach to maximising sales potential online and harnessing the continued high demand for home improvement solutions across the UK.

The launch of the sales training forums follows a similarly swift response to the initial lockdown in March 2020. Within days of the initial government announcement, Conservatory Outlet had unveiled a ‘stay at home’ online sales campaign which generated in excess of £4m in sales revenue.

Andy Miller, Business Development Director at Conservatory Outlet, explains: “Having shifted towards a more online-driven sales approach across most of the past year, our sales teams are primed and ready to deliver exceptional results once again during this lockdown. Given the work we’ve done since last March, the latest digital sales training has been much more about refining our sales strategy, rather than revolutionising it. We have some exceptional talent across the Network who will thrive on having the ability to spark ideas and discuss concepts through the forums, with the ultimate goal of driving sales revenue and conversions.”

Nathan Price, Retail Sales Manager at Hazlemere Window Company, concludes: “Speaking on behalf of our sales team, I know the guys are feeling incredibly upbeat and motivated following the initial forums. In fact, on the same day as our first session, one of our sales professionals sold a large £10k order, citing the online training as a key determining factor. The conversations we’ve been part of have been really inspiring and, given everything we’ve learnt over the past 12 months, I’m confident we’ll be able to take our sales performance to an even higher level during this lockdown.”

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