Solid Tiled Roofs

Our solid roof conservatories are the perfect solution to creating extended comfort inside your living space.

Instead of the traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof that typically adorns the tops of conservatories and orangeries, a solid tiled roof consists of tiles to give your conservatory extra strength and durability. A solid roof on your conservatory helps create a relaxed and private ambiance while also beautifully blending into the exterior of your home. Despite using some of the most advanced materials, Conservatory Outlet solid roof conservatories are remarkably affordable, especially given the high quality. We are driven by our culture of customer satisfaction meaning that customers take priority in the whole process; from initial discussion to final installation.

You can't go wrong with a solid tiled roof...

Insulated - The whole point of buying a conservatory is that you can use it as and when you like. It can be incredibly annoying when it overheats in summer and feels cold and virtually inhabitable over the winter months due to a lack of warmth. A solid roof will eliminate such problems as it offers fantastic insulation, predominantly due to it containing an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board.

Solid Feel - The entire ambience will transform overnight once the solid roof has been installed as it will feel significantly more comfortable giving you further excuse to utilise it on a daily basis. Don’t be put off by the loss of any natural light due to the presence of a solid roof as you can still expect a generous quantity of sunlight to pass through.

Solid Look - In order for the solid roof to be taken seriously as a viable alternative to traditional roofing systems we have made a serious effort to ensure the lightweight tiles and slates share an uncanny likeness to the real thing. You will be amazed by the painstaking detail.

Simple Fit - We prefabricate each of our solid roofs so that the installation process is quickened and causes minimum disruption to your home life. It’s such a simple system to fit yet offers performance of the very highest level.

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The strongest quality of a solid roof is its thermal performance…

Britain has one of the most unpredictable climates on earth and your conservatory needs to be capable of coping with it. You will heavily rely on your roofing system to block out the weather and our solid roofs have the necessary ingredients to keep your conservatory interior perfectly cosy, no matter what it’s doing outside. No old-style glass or polycarbonate roof can offer the level of thermal efficiency you get from one of our solid roofs.

The U-values of some of our solid roofs are as low as 0.16 W/m²K and they offer the option to include large, rectangular glass panels. Any glass panels that we assimilate into a solid roof covering are there to inject warmth into our luxury living spaces and help you limit how often you must use your heating system to insulate them. They will also supply you with a beautiful aerial view.

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