Modern Orangery featuring Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

When you have the capacity to go big with your extension, embrace the opportunity, which was the exact mindset this homeowner had.

Some extensions make your jaw truly drop and this is one of them! You don’t often see an orangery with not one, but two sets of four-pane bi-folding doors, and of such a vast size. Both sets of bi folds can be manoeuvred from one end to the other with just the gentlest of pushes and they lead straight out onto that remarkable staircase. Left fully open, together with the side windows, you get a massive surge of outdoor air filling the orangery’s interior, which is a blessing on those rare occasions when the weather is favourable.

The most talked-about element of the design is the roofing system. It’s entirely dominated by glass as the framework is largely insignificant and it’s suitably supported internally in various areas, eliminating any chance of it losing any of its structural integrity. The homeowner opted to have the orangery built from aluminium as they were attracted by the resilience and hard-wearing nature of the material. They also knew it meant they wouldn’t have to maintain it and the aluminium would sustain its eye-catching appearance on its own. Trends are always changing, but there is no doubt whatsoever that this orangery will forever excite and amaze guests.

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