Largely Glazed Conservatory with French Doors and finished in White UPVC

Talk about going all out with glass! There’s so much of it in this UPVC conservatory to maximise light transference and external views.

Glass is always a major component in a conservatory, but you can ask for more of it, if you wish. For evidence of that, have a look at this design, which has glass panes that virtually stretch from top to bottom. When you have so much glass, a conservatory inevitably receives more light than a traditional conservatory design. With more light comes a more convivial atmosphere, which is good if you like to invite others to come and join you in your conservatory. To make the switch from the conservatory to the garden, the occupiers just head for the fabulous French doors.

Just about everything goes on within the conservatory e.g. eating, drinking and partying, and not just when it’s light outside. As soon as it goes dark, the spotlights housed in the internal pelmet can be flicked into action to give the conservatory that same appealing ambience. Some people may express concern that surely with so much glass, this conservatory could be prone to overheating in summer. On the contrary! It remains at a comfortable temperature, no matter how hot it gets outside, and it’s all down to the glass being energy efficient. If you want it to be, this truly is a 365-day location.

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