Large Conservatory in Dual Black & White UPVC with Glass Roof & French Doors

Has your home reached its full potential? If not, you need something like this conservatory to make it a greater place to live.

There’s no such thing as the perfect home. Enhancements can always be made somehow, and it could see you extend yours with a large conservatory, like this. A concerted effort was made to craft the conservatory in a style befitting the property’s traditional character, including picking bricks for the base that had a strong resemblance to the bricks that were already present. The finish for the framework of the conservatory was also specifically selected to match the windows of the house – a bold, black woodgrain. This black colour works nicely against the cream interior and makes for a quality contrast.

It’s no surprise that there are so many windows in such an expansive design, several of which are tilt and turn designs. Tilt and turn windows are highly recommended if you want superb ventilation, when required. Those fortunate enough to get to use the conservatory, regularly find themselves just watching the world go by through the roofing system, which has an immense amount of glass. For convenience, French doors were positioned within the conservatory, and they offer a direct route to the patio and wooden chairs. Who could ever tire of being in a conservatory with such stature though?

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