Conservatory in UPVC Mahogany Woodgrain

Conservatories can be specially configured into various shapes and sizes to fit in with differing house layouts.

Because of the arrangement of this house, the installation team had to tailor the design and for anyone who knows their conservatories, you will spot that it has hints of several conservatory styles. Crafted into a T-shape, it’s unbelievably spacious and some of that is down to the multi-faceted front. When you’re sat on the comfy looking seating area, it almost transports you into the garden, such is the way that the facets project that sensation. The occupiers benefit from two rooms in one and have capitalised on that by adding both a dinner table and snooker table.

A mahogany woodgrain was purposely chosen as the finish to create the impression that the conservatory was built from timber, successfully so too you would have to say. Although the brickwork base accounts for much of the extension, it still has more than enough glass to make the interior massively inviting for everyone. Not that you would only want to use this conservatory in the day, far from it! Come the night-time, you’d want to cue up with a game of snooker or put your feet up, which can be done thanks to the light shades and candle-armed lights. The final piece of the jigsaw was the installation of French doors to simplify access from the conservatory to the garden./p>

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