Classic Conservatory with Solid Tiled Roof

This conservatory design is a definite nod to the Georgian era, yet it has the very latest solid tiled roofing system.

There are so many different talking points with this conservatory. Let’s start with the attractive Georgian bars which are such an exquisite touch. And then, you must mention the guttering which has been fully upgraded at the same time as the solid roof was incorporated into the structure as a replacement roofing system. Unlike your typical replacement roof, thos solid roof doesn’t lead to a loss of natural light in an extension during the daytime due to the presence of the sizeable glazed panels. For when night-time comes, the downlighters can be switched on to beautifully illuminate the interior.

The conservatory offers a wealth of additional floor space at what was already an expansive home. Most family dinners are hosted there, as you can tell from the inclusion of the wooden dining table and chairs. When dinner is over, the family will often revert to the outdoors directly from the conservatory through the extravagant French doors. Each time they’re fully extended open, they provide a giant double opening, something that also comes in handy when the conservatory needs a good amount of ventilation in summer. The top opening windows aid with this too. If you ask us, we would have to say though that the solid roof takes top billing in terms of the extension’s most impressive features.

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