When Time is of the Essence – A Conservatory Outlet Testimonial

Time is not a commodity that all of us can afford, especially when it comes to tackling an extensive home improvement project.

Choosing suppliers, arranging dates for work to take place, dealing with workmen, the list goes on. It can quickly become a full-time job in itself. This was exactly the situation that Christine Fox found herself in when she began planning a home extension.

Christine had originally intended to manage the project herself and was consulting with an architect and several tradesmen before deciding that enough was enough, she was going to need some help. Having seen an advert on the TV, Christine turned to Conservatory Outlet.

“I work long hours, there’s no way I would have had the time to coordinate everything,” said Christine.

“I’d originally used Conservatory Outlet about 10 years ago for a door replacement and was really pleased with the work. The fact they could manage to entire project and take some of the stress off myself was the real selling point.”

Inspired by the advert, Christine visited her local Conservatory Outlet showroom in late April and quickly arranged a home visit. The plan was set shortly afterwards and work began on Christine’s new extension.

“It was hugely beneficial to just have the one point of contact, to be able to call the project manager and have everything go through him made the whole process so easy.

“I didn’t really have to chase anything, the vast majority of the work took place outside and the tradesmen were really good at letting me know when they were coming and what they needed.

“Everyone I came in contact with was fantastic, it was like a military operation at times. I even arranged to have Conservatory Outlet remove the old conservatory before they built the extension, something else I would have had to sort myself otherwise.

“There was a real flurry of activity, it seemed like every day somebody else was turning up and something else was getting finished.”

In seemingly no time at all, the work on Christine’s home was complete, and she was left with a brand new extension, without the massive drain on her time and resources.

“The project management is really what gives Conservatory Outlet so much added value, everything was timelined to a tee. I really couldn’t have done it without them.”

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