How To Elevate Your Flat Roof Extension

How To Elevate Your Flat Roof Extension

Flat roof extensions have experienced a significant resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Previously associated with negative connotations, they are now considered one of the most modern and sought-after home improvements. If you are in the early stages of planning your flat roof extension, you might be seeking design inspiration.

It is a common misconception among homeowners that they have limited options when it comes to designing this type of extension, but that is far from the truth. At Conservatory Outlet, we have simplified the process for you by presenting various ways to personalise your flat roof extension design.

The best ways to customise your flat roof extension are as follows:

Roof Glazing

Roof glazing takes the first spot on our list. In the past, flat roof extensions typically had solid roofs, but nowadays, there are numerous ways to bring ample natural light into the space below while adding a touch of wow factor. Two of the most popular choices for achieving this effect are by incorporating flat skylights or lanterns.

Flat Roof Extensions

Flat Skylights

Flat skylights, as the name indicates, are large flat windows installed on the roof of an extension. This contemporary design element can truly transform your space. Flat skylights are placed on a raised structure known as a kerb, which is seamlessly integrated into the plastered area of your extension. Despite its simple design, flat skylights have the ability to add a magnificent touch to your living space.

Extension Skylights

Lanterns Roofs

Lanterns are another popular option for glazing in flat roof extensions, and you can even opt for multiple lanterns if desired. A lantern resembles a compact conservatory roof, featuring multiple glass panels that slope downwards from a central pitched ridge. While lanterns were traditionally used in orangeries, homeowners are now elevating all extensions with the sleek and stylish design of these modern flat roof extensions.

Lantern Roof - Internal View


With the growing popularity of these extensions, large spans of modern doors have become a defining feature in most designs.

While introducing vertical light from above through flat skylights or lanterns is an excellent way to flood your room with natural light, substantial door openings also play a significant role.

For many years, bi-fold doors have been the preferred choice of homeowners. These doors are expansive, allowing copious amounts of light to enter and can be fully opened to create a seamless connection between your home and garden. Often selected in Anthracite Grey or black, bi-fold doors add a touch of the iconic “Grand Designs” aesthetic to your flat roof extension.

Another popular option is the use of large sliding doors. Similar to flat roof extensions, sliding doors are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. While patio doors were once seen as purely functional, modern designs have breathed new life into them, making them a perfect complement to a contemporary flat roof extension.

Flat Roof Extensions


Since flat roof extensions typically have two or three exposed external faces, it’s crucial to consider the finishing touches. While your extension will feature doors and windows, how you finish the solid areas around them can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your new extension.

With our extensions, you have the flexibility to choose any external finish for cladding. When making your selection, think carefully about the materials and colours you opt for.

In addition to choosing a visually appealing cladding or exterior finish, consider factors such as maintenance and durability. For example, cedarwood cladding is a popular choice for home extensions as it looks stunning when first installed. However, it weathers quickly and requires regular upkeep to maintain its appearance.

Alternatively, PVC cladding and render are low-maintenance and durable options. They come in a range of colour choices, allowing you to harmonise or contrast your flat roof extension with the rest of your home.

Flat Roof Extensions
Flat roof extensions...
More key options:
While the options mentioned above are key factors that enhance the design of your flat roof extension, there are other important considerations when planning such a home improvement, including:

Shape: Decide whether a square or rectangular design will work best for your extension, considering the room’s function, available space, and budget. Our extensions feature unique technology that allows for quick construction of flat roof extensions in just a matter of days.

Design: Determine whether your flat roof extension will be an open-plan space connected to another room or a separate room altogether. The main function of the extension will largely influence its design, whether it’s a kitchen, a lounge, or a combination of both.

Light: Ensure plenty of natural light for a bright and airy room, and carefully consider the additional lighting you incorporate. Besides the main lights, think about adding lamps for ambiance and targeted lighting where needed.

Electrics: Plan the placement of electrical sockets and other electrical items during the design stage. Consider your lighting and electrical needs and ensure there are sufficient plug sockets incorporated into the design. It’s much easier to include them during the build stage than after the walls have been newly plastered.

Colour: Colour is a crucial consideration for any home extension. This includes not only the exterior colours of windows, doors, and cladding but also the internal colour theme. Colours significantly impact mood and atmosphere, so choose wisely. For instance, white creates a cool and calming space, while darker shades can add drama and cosiness. Green is a tranquil colour that can connect your extension with nature. You can opt for bold coloured feature walls or introduce subtle splashes of colour through soft furnishings—it’s completely up to you.

There are many other factors to consider when designing a flat roof extension.

Your design ideas may evolve throughout the planning process as you discover new inspirations.

Our extensions offer faster construction, high energy efficiency, consistent quality, minimal mess during construction, and quicker start times. If you’re currently considering a flat roof extension design, get in touch with one of Conservatory Outlet’s premium retailers for a seamless and efficient process.

Flat Roof Extensions


One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



One of our multi-purpose living spaces will give you the roominess that you desire so that you can also invite more people over and feel so much less restricted.



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