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UPVC Windows

At Conservatory Outlet we are proud to offer customers nationwide solutions to their home improvement needs, and UPVC windows are often a crucial asset to any successful renovation project. UPVC windows are an affordable, low maintenance and attractive solution to your residential or commercial property.

They are one of the most popular choices of window for a number of reasons, including that the material does not rot or require constant cleaning, care and attention. Their popularity allows us to offer UPVC Windows in a wide range of styles and finishes. Our windows are available in double or triple glazing to help reduce your heating bills, and a variety of styles such as Casement, Tilt & Turn, Sash or Georgian.

Why Conservatory Outlet?

As well as being efficient and easy to manage, our quality of product and competitive prices ensure the very best value for money. They even come with a 10 year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

We have built a remarkable reputation with our customers thanks to providing the highest quality home solutions and outstanding customer service. We understand that every customer and home is different and use our expertise to help you find the perfect home solution.

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Choose from double glazed, triple glazed, even privacy – the choice is yours…

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable frame option you once again have the luxury of choice with regards to glass. The technical specification of the glass will largely depend on whether you opt for Energy Rated Windows, but there’s also wide variety of aesthetic options such as leaded glass and astragal bars.

Double Glazing

Double glazing has long been, and remains, the most suitable specification of glazing for the majority of domestic properties, so much so that many people simply refer to windows as ‘double glazing’. Double glazing owes its superiority over single glazing to the insulating cavity that is created by the two panes of glass, the intelligent properties of the glass itself and other materials and components that make up the ‘sealed unit’. Energy efficient A-rated windows are easily achieved with a double glazing specification.

Triple Glazing

As its name suggests triple glazing comprises of three panes of glass that make up the complete sealed unit. Triple glazed windows and doors look all but identical to those which are double glazed and they offer the same fantastic benefits but, crucially, triple glazing provides a greater level of energy efficiency. The extra pane of glass used in triple glazing creates a second insulating cavity which also helps to further reduce draughts and cold spots in homes that are subject to particular extreme and cold weather conditions.

Privacy Glazing

Bathroom windows and front doors are prime examples of where privacy glazing is quite often essential in order to let in natural light without compromising your privacy. There are a number of varied yet appealing patterned glass designs which obscure an onlooker’s view so that you can feel comfortable in your home. Patterned glass can be used in both double glazed and triple glazed sealed units so energy efficiency and noise reduction need not be sacrificed.

UPVC, Aluminium or Heritage – the choice is yours…

The material that a new set of windows is made from is a fundamental decision. Each window type has its own benefits in terms of style, colours, efficiency and cost.  Different styles are important to think about when it comes to complementing the property they are going on this is an important consideration to be made.


UPVC is the instant choice for many people because it is durable, low maintenance, thermally efficient and very affordable – perfect for installation across almost all properties. The shape and contours of the window and door profile has been specifically designed for domestic applications and UPVC as a material can be easily shaped and cured to create windows of any shape and size


Aluminium windows and doors are arguably the most contemporary style to incorporate into a property.  Aluminium windows minimalist, yet sleek and, facilitating a bigger glass area and letting in floods of light. Likewise powder coated colour and sublimated woodgrain finishes are the epitome of sophistication and the overall effect is very striking.


Mechanically jointed timber-effect Heritage windows feature a flush fitting sash which replicates, to almost exact detail, the appearance of 19th century windows and when used in the construction of an orangery the result is nothing short of stunning. The design of the window frame and sash is complemented by traditional hardware such as butt hinges, peg stays and monkey tail handles.

Choose from literally hundreds of colours and finishes for your windows…

Even if you already have a very good idea about what you’re after, there’s still plenty to consider such as a whether you’d prefer a textured woodgrain or a smooth surface finish, and whether you want the same colour on both sides of the frames, or different colours on the inside such as Oak externally and White internally. The common denominator of every colour and finish across the Classic UPVC, Contemporary Aluminium and Traditional Heritage ranges is durability and long lasting charm.

UPVC Colours

Classic UPVC can be whatever colour you want it to be: a specially developed paint application process can be employed to match even the most unique colours. In the standard colour range, however, are timeless classics such as White, Whitegrain, Cream and Chartwell Green. Emerging favourites include Black, Grey and Irish Oak.

Aluminium Colours

The 11-stage powder coating process that Contemporary Aluminium is subject to induces strong paint adhesions and results in a true colour which is sheer quality to the look and touch. Similarly Contemporary Aluminium woodgrain finishes benefit from a unique process known as sublimation which results in Walnut, Rosewood or Oak appearances which are utterly convincing and second only to real wood itself.

Heritage Colours

Traditional 19th Century timber windows were very often painted so a small but perfectly formed range of heritage paint colours can be specified with these timber alternative windows. Painswick, Clotted Cream and Cotswold biscuit will whet your appetite and give you a flavour of the kinds of colours that are available, whereas other options such as Corse Lawn and Eclectic Grey. Equally stunning natural wood finishes exist in the form of English, Irish and Silvered Oak.

Quality products and great service make home improvement an enjoyable experience

We understand that home improvement can be daunting and stressful experience, not only because of the investment you’re making, but because it effects your standard of living and enjoyment of your home. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver to individual and family needs be delivering quality products alongside a friendly, supportive and welcoming service. This enables you to improve your home with confidence.

Energy Efficiency

We understand the keeping your home warm without breaking the bank is important to you when considering home improvements. We make substantial investment to ensure that all of our products use market leading technology and manufacturing to ensure our products provide you with maximum energy efficiency to keep your home cool during the summers month and warm during the winter months.


Keeping your family safe is top of the list of requirements when it comes to considering your home and its functionality. Utmost importance is put into all our products to ensure they offer the best possible security to your home and loved ones using leading market technology and material. Conservatories, orangeries and windows targeted for break-ins are those built as a result of cheap construction. With Conservatory Outlet you can have confidence that you and your investment are safe.

Noise Reduction

A concern for homeowners when considering home improvements, particularly with conservatories and orangeries, is the potential for sounds from the outside world to filter into your home. The research and development we’ve put into our products ensures that you can rest peacefully at home, where the noises of the busy outside world are kept outside and the only noises you should have to deal with are the rest of your family!

Choosing the right windows & doors for your home…

When you’re investing in new windows and doors, it’s important to keep in mind your reasons for doing so. Are your current windows simply tired and ineffective, or are you addressing a particular issue like insulation, security, kerb appeal, or all three? You’re local Conservatory Outlet design consultant will help you to get the absolute most from your investment.


Windows can open from the side or from the top, they can tilt and turn or vertically slide, while doors can now slide and fold. Whichever option, or combination of options that you choose, it is important that your new windows and doors work for you – with your lifestyle, property and space that you have available. Give your design consultant as much relevant information as possible so that they can offer you the most suitable solution.

Energy, Security & Noise

As you can read in more depth in our  Quality Guaranteed section, the 3 factors are what we pride our manufacturing on. The energy efficiency of windows – how much or little heat they allow to escape – is scored using an energy rating scheme akin to that used for electrical and white goods, with an ‘A-rating’ being among the best ratings achievable. Security will no doubt be high on your agenda. The materials, components and fabrication processes used to manufacture windows and doors will all impact upon the level of security provided, as will the quality of the installation.  Similarly, noise reduction is important for many buildings, so ensure you are choosing the right products for your needs.


It’s a given that modern windows and doors are designed to look great and function well for a very, very long time. Post-installation it is sometimes necessary to make small remedial adjustments to ensure that this remains the case and it is therefore essential that you are completely familiar and comfortable with the terms of the guarantee that your chosen supplier provides including validity period and exclusions.

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