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Check out our range of Stable Door options across various colours and styles to complement any home

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Stable Doors Offer Fun & Practicality

It is important that the doors and windows you have fitted in your home reflect the styling of your home and your personal tastes. Doors should also make your life easier on a day to day basis. That is why all of our doors are incredibly easy to use and lock. One style of door that offers some unique benefits are our fantastic stable doors. Consisting of two individual parts that can be opened and closed independently, stable doors allow you to remain secure and let fresh air into your home at the same time.


Security & Quality Guaranteed

The unique design of stable doors makes them ideal for homes with young children or pets. This is because you can easily lock the bottom half of the door to ensure children and pets do not get outside yet at the same time have the top section of the door open; thus allowing you to still bring the outdoors into your home. Wessex Home Improvements are one of the most trusted and respected suppliers of stable doors for houses in Hampshire.We have over thirty years of experience in the home improvements industry and are fully committed to providing local homeowners with quality products that will stand the test of time.




To use inferior handles, hinges, letterboxes and locking systems would quite simply undermine the performance of stable door so our products incorporate very high specification hardware items which are robust yet charming. Visible hardware is available in a range of colours that will enable you to achieve the overall appearance that you desire, be it traditional or contemporary. The concealed locking system is discrete yet provides formidable security against would-be intruders.

Energy Efficiency

The core of the stable door, the door frame that house it and the glass units that are encased within it are all thermally efficient and designed to prevent heat loss from the home. The benefit of this is twofold: with less heat being allowed to escape through your door, you will likely be less reliant on your central heating which will reduce both your energy bills and your household carbon footprint.


Behind the welcoming good looks of a stable door are a set of components which are design to keep unwanted guests at bay and your family and posession safe. All Conservatory Outlet doors are made from market leading components and the latest technologies to deliver optimum security

Choice of colours, inside and out…

The colour of your front or back door can set the tone when entering a building, so is of course an important decision. Further to this. textured and patterned glass designs will add to the charm and uniqueness of your door, while sophisticated hardware adds the finishing touches.


UPVC front and back door panels are available in Golden Oak, Rosewood, and White and, of course, we have frames to match these timeless favourites. However, if you opt for a door that is predominantly glazed and does not feature a panel, you can choose from a much broader colour palette

Textured Glass

As well as plain glass we also offer a range of patterns designs for you to choose from, allowing you to customise the way your new front or back door looks and giving your family privacy whilst letting natural light flood your home. Included in the range are classic patterns such as Autumn Leaf and Sycamore or, for something a little more contemporary, there are styles such as Digital or Cotswold.

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We are here to help

Our friendly team of experts will devote their time to help you find the best solution for you and your home. As members of The Glass and Glazing Federation, we strive to create glazing that is stylish, energy efficient and incredibly strong. As such, all our double glazed stable doors offer superior security and are guaranteed to endure. Offering the biggest selection of stable doors for sale in the area, we do everything we can to lower our stable doors prices. If you would like to learn more, simply call us on 01962 388904, or visit our Winchester Showroom.