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    Solid Roofs

Solid Roof Replacement

Transform your Conservatory or Orangery into an all year round living space.

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Solid Roof Replacement

At Conservatory Outlet we take pride in providing excellent home improvement solutions at affordable prices.

That ethos can also be found in our Solid Roof Replacement service. Whether it’s a repair or an update, a Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement is very important if your Conservatory or Orangery was installed a long time ago.

Advancements in technology make it likely that your Conservatory lacks the thermo-efficiency that a new Conservatory roof will offer. A simple solution to this is a Guardian Warm Roof – a solid roof consisting of tiles instead of a glazed or poly-carbonate roof. By using tiles instead of glass, we increase strength, durability and thermal efficiency to your Orangery or Conservatory.

Replacing an aged conservatory roof with a modern tiled solution allows you to relax in your conservatory all year long, regardless of temperature and weather conditions.

Why choose Conservatory Outlet?

If you choose to replace your Conservatory Roof with us you will find a variety of tiles available, allowing you to perfectly blend your Conservatory to the exterior of your home. Our competitive pricing ensures that our high quality of product and finish remains affordable.

At Conservatory Outlet, we have a friendly team of experts who take the time to ensure you find the optimum home renovation solution for your requirements. We know choosing a home solution isn’t an easy process, that is why we handle the design, manufacturing and installation processes, giving you complete peace of mind.


Lots of solid roof options for your home…


Replacement solid roofs can be tailored and fitted to all of the mainstream conservatory styles that have emerged since this form of home extension first became popular in the UK including: Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-To and Gable conservatories. Likewise, bespoke solid roofs can be created for existing conservatories that are a combination of these styles, such as a P-shaped model, meaning that the majority of existing conservatories with a glazed roof could be enhanced with a solid Warm Roof.


Solid roofs are not solely reserved for replacement projects, and many new build conservatories are now being specified with a Warm Roof, as opposed to a polycarbonate or glass roof. The glazed facets of a conservatory, coupled with the quick and easy installation of a Warm Roof means that a solid roof conservatory can be built in significantly less time that a typical home extension with full height brick walls. The Warm Roof does not offer as much overhead natural light and views as a polycarbonate of glass roof but this can be partially offset by incorporating centre pivot roof windows and mounted spotlights.


Double-ended Edwardian roof configurations are a great option if you wish to feature a solid roof on your new or existing orangery. The overall shape and outline of the orangery will remain the same but, crucially, you’ll benefit from the internal ambience of a solid roof which can house mounted spotlights and centre pivot roof windows to complement the natural light permitted by the orangery windows and doors.


Although designed predominantly with conservatories and orangeries in mind, there is absolutely no reason why a Warm Roof cannot be used as a more cost-effective and less time consuming alternative to a standard solid roof for the construction of a typical home extension. Within the two main roof coverings available with this system – lightweight tile or slate – there are a variety of colours to choose from enabling you to closely match the main property roof.


The construction of an entrance porch can be made even quicker and more affordable with the inclusion of a Warm Roof which can be tailored to both small and large installations. Depending on the size of the porch, its roof could be installed with minimal fuss in a matter of hours so your home could be benefiting from an entrance porch much sooner than you may think.

There are a number of ways in which your home will benefit from a Warm Roof.


It’s not just about appearance and kerb appeal; it’s about how usable and enjoyable your home is for the whole family, all year round. The materials complied to make the Warm Roof, including rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, are thermally efficient and prevent heat loss, keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature all year round and increasing its usability.

Solid Look & Feel

The internal ambience of a solid roof is something that polycarbonate or glass roofs cannot match. Natural light is sacrificed to some extent, but it is replaced by a cosier and more intimate setting which still benefits from the natural light provide by glazed facets, windows and doors. Externally the lightweight roof coverings emulate the appearance and colour of traditional roofing tiles or slate so that you can choose a finish that is in-sync with the rest of the property.

Simple Fit

Prefabrication of the Warm Roof minimises the labour time and cost involved in its installation, as well as allowing you to enjoy your new and improved indoor space much sooner than you may think

Choose from plasterboard to timber internal finishes…

The mainstream choice of internal finish for a Warm Roof is without doubt painted plasterboard which is unfussy, clean and completely modern. There is however a second option for those wanting a more unique environment, and that is a timber clad ceiling which is slightly darker in colour but warmer in feel as a result, complementing integrated roof windows. A timber clad ceiling offers a different look and feel, verging towards a slightly more ‘cabin-style’ internal feel. This internal finish option also lends itself well to the integration of centre pivoting timber rood windows.

Centre pivot roof windows offer a lot to a room with a Warm Roof.

Firstly, the integration of one, or even several, roof windows will offset that loss of natural light that is inevitable in comparison to a glass or polycarbonate roof, and the light coming through the roof window will supplement light that is permitted through the normal windows and doors. Likewise, a roof window will afford you with views of the skies above which can be equally impressive at both day and night. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll also gain overhead ventilation from a roof window which is particularly pleasant in the summer time when you wish to escape indoors away from the glaring sun, but do not want to completely shut out the air or sound of the outdoors.

Durability, strength and toughness are all words you can associate with our tiling solutions.

There are two types of Warm Roof covering that are both lightweight – making them ideal for use on conservatories in particular – and completely weather proof. The first is lightweight tile which is available in five colour options and the second is lightweight slate which emulates, to fantastic effect, the look of natural slate

Lightweight Tile

Lighter than traditional roofing materials, quicker to fit and extremely low maintenance, this option really is ideal for conservatories, orangeries, porches and extensions alike. A colour range that boasts ebony, red, umber, green and charcoal will enable you to create the external look that you desire from your new or refurbished roof.

Lightweight Slate

Equally suitable for a low pitched roof this option is a modern equivalent to traditional slate roofing which has timeless appeal. Crucially, lightweight slate does not crack or de-laminate like natural slate can sometimes do over time. Specially moulded to mirror the genuine peaks, plateau and curves of natural slate, this roof covering is available in a colour palette that includes stone black, pewter grey, plum, brick red, and chestnut brown.


Our lightweight tile is available in five colour options (shades of red, grey and brown) each designed to match closely with your existing house roof. With its exceptional durability, our lightweight tile offers superior performance and all the advantages of stone-coated steel. The lightweight slate comes in grey, black and red, again designed to complement the original building.

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