Glass Room Conservatories

Conservatory Outlet is proud of providing the very best quality and design when it comes to home renovation. A Glass Room is an excellent way of flooding your home with natural light from literally every angle. Glass Rooms consist of a series of glass panes from floor to ceiling that ensure you have thermal efficiency in the winter and panoramic views all year round.

Glass Rooms cleverly create a sheltered space that adds to the living space of your home as well giving the sense that you are outdoors, no matter what the weather is doing. With showrooms nationwide, we should not be too far away if you want to pop in and see the high-quality products that we have on offer for yourself.

As well as Glass Room Conservatories, we also offer Traditional Conservatories in every style, including Edwardian, Victorian, Gable, Lean-To, P-Shaped, T-Shaped or even bespoke. Conservatory Outlet Conservatories can be a replacement or new extension on your property. Whichever style you decide to go with, we guarantee high quality, durability and security.


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Check out some of our completed glass room conservatory projects and get some inspiration for yourself!

Woodgrain Full Height Conservatory

The Woodgrain Full Height Conservatory is the ultimate solution to extending your living space while flooding your home with natural light. The UPVC woodgrain effect, will...

Small Glass to Floor Conservatory

This conservatory shows the possibilities when creating a beautiful area between the house and garden when space is limited. The small glass to floor conservatory is...

Full Height Edwardian Conservatory

Bringing elegance and sophisticated space to your home, our full height Edwardian conservatory styles are made from UPVC and afford full views of your garden space,...

Full Height Conservatory

This customer was looking for a full height conservatory showcasing a glass-to-floor design. With french doors and a clean, white UPVC finish, this contemporary design ensures...

Quality products and great service make home improvement an enjoyable experience

We understand that home improvement can be daunting and stressful experience, not only because of the investment you’re making, but because it effects your standard of living and enjoyment of your home. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver to individual and family needs be delivering quality products alongside a friendly, supportive and welcoming service. This enables you to improve your home with confidence.

Energy Efficiency

We understand the keeping your home warm without breaking the bank is important to you when considering home improvements. We make substantial investment to ensure that all of our products use market leading technology and manufacturing to ensure our products provide you with maximum energy efficiency to keep your home cool during the summers month and warm during the winter months.


Keeping your family safe is top of the list of requirements when it comes to considering your home and its functionality. Utmost importance is put into all our products to ensure they offer the best possible security to your home and loved ones using leading market technology and material. Conservatories, orangeries and windows targeted for break-ins are those built as a result of cheap construction. With Conservatory Outlet you can have confidence that you and your investment are safe.

Noise Reduction

A concern for homeowners when considering home improvements, particularly with conservatories and orangeries, is the potential for sounds from the outside world to filter into your home. The research and development we’ve put into our products ensures that you can rest peacefully at home, where the noises of the busy outside world are kept outside and the only noises you should have to deal with are the rest of your family!

In seconds you can open up your new conservatory…

Used internally or externally it’s important that a door works for you – with the space you have available, the rooms and outdoor spaces that it connects, and the people who will be using it. And whether your chosen door swings, slides or folds it must provide uncompromising but unobtrusive security.

Bifold Doors

Bi-Folding Doors are a modern living must. If actions speak louder than words then the graceful, effortless concertina of the door leafs says volumes about the property which houses them and screams sophistication. In seconds you can open up a full wall and not just blur, but almost eliminate, the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. When installed internally, you don’t have to commit to either one fully open-plan room or two permanently divided; bi-fold doors allow you to pick and choose depending on the occasion.

Patio Doors

Where space is at a premium, the Patio Door is the sliding solution which almost floats along its runners in elegant fashion. Available in numerous configurations, patio doors can be used to create numerous opening effects and solve space related conundrums such as close-proximity furniture. Increased light and enhanced views are guaranteed courtesy of the large expanse of glass and, unlike some hinged doors which occasionally blow open or shut in strong winds, these doors stay exactly where you leave them, giving you complete control over the amount of ventilation offered.

French Doors

The French Door works in the same way as a conventional residential door but crucially channels twice as much light into your home and, when required, provides double the access and ventilation of a standard hinged door which is ideal during social gatherings or periods of hot weather. Traditionally synonymous with outdoor patios and decked areas a french door can also be used internally to connect a kitchen, living or dining room with the new conservatory indoor space.

Fully sculptured, contemporary or traditional – the choice is yours…

Other than size and shape, what makes one conservatory different from another, and perhaps more suited to a certain type of property? Subtle differences in the dimensions and contours of the window and door frame type may seem inconsequential but, in reality, make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the finished product.


Low maintenance, long lasting and very affordable, Classic UPVC is the automatic choice for many homeowners. This frame option is also one of the main contributing factors to the impressive thermal efficiency of UPVC windows and doors, which retain more of a home’s natural heat and reduce the owner’s reliance on central heating. The contoured profile features a curved external bead and the overall effect is a charming, sculptured frame which is perfect for domestic applications and can be easily shaped and curved into elaborate gable ends.


Contemporary Aluminium is all about sleek sightlines and maximum glass areas. There’s a sense of kudos about Contemporary Aluminium that goes far beyond kerb appeal and those who set out for aluminium windows and doors rarely change their mind. The intricate contour on the outside face of the profile is subtle and the chamfered bead crafts clean sight lines. Contemporary Aluminium is available in a range of powder coated finishes which result in true, deep colours or you may prefer the look of a sublimated woodgrain finish which is second only to natural wood itself.


You could be forgiven for mistaking Traditional Heritage windows and doors for authentic timber products, such is the replication of the aesthetics in style, dimension and finish. The window sash sits flush with the window frame in the closed position – a standout feature of 19th Century timber windows. However, the Traditional Heritage frame is actually a composite material which boasts 21st Century advantages such as a low maintenance finish, integral thermal efficiency and durability. Traditional Heritage windows and doors are mechanically jointed as opposed to welded and this is one of several reasons why these windows can be considered for use in conservatories and orangeries.

Every good conservatory needs a reliable roof…

There are three main types of roofing options – PVC, Glass and Solid Roof. All three come with various style options and all of them from Conservatory Outlet provide great energy efficiency, security and noise reduction, but at varied levels. Take a look at the three options in more detail below.


Many conservatory roofs are created using polycarbonate (PVC) material as it is great at eliminating heat loss and keeping generated warmth inside for longer periods. PVC roofs come in in 25mm and 35mm thickness and won’t allow the inside of your conservatory to overheat, particularly when foil inserts are includes. PVC roofs can be supplied in an opal, bronze or clear finish.


Glass roofs give the ultimate in terms of visibility, allowing you to enjoy everything that goes on overhead. Kick back, relax and admire your surroundings. Glass roofs are better than PVC and preventing the sound of rain, snow  or hail from impacting your enjoyment inside your conservatory or orangery due to its sound reducing qualities. Self cleaning glass is also an option. Ask one of our experts for more information.

Solid Roof

More and more people are now opting for the less traditional solid roof on top of their conservatory or orangery. Solid roofs give ultimate privacy and energy efficiency, however they obviously limit the amount of natural light that other roofs types can deliver. Roof windows and integrated spotlights can help overcome any lighting issue allowing you to maximise enjoyment from your home improvement.

We offer a great choice of colours to choose from…

Create the perfect addition to your home with a choice of colours to choose from. Our most popular colours shown, range from whitegrain, green, cream, black, light oak and grey to name but a few. Coloured conservatories are becoming more and more popular. Whilst brilliant white conservatories are still a favourite – many homeowners are attracted to the contemporary and modern looking colours now available.

Our buyers guide to the perfect conservatory…

We believe that you should take pleasure from your new room even before you’ve chosen it – the whole process from start to finish is one that should be enjoyed rather than endured. Once you’ve decided that you want to add a new room to your home there are numerous considerations that your local design consultant will encourage you to think about as they guide you through the buying process. Here’s a little head start about what you may need to consider.


Try to establish which direction the conservatory will face as this will likely impact upon the recommended glazing specification. If your plot is north or east facing it will benefit from the sun earlier in the day, but become cooler as the day wears on. In contrast, south or west facing plots generally benefit from the most natural light and warmth in the afternoons and evenings.


The purpose of your new room will almost certainly affect the best style, size, specification and layout that will work best for you. Squarer or rectangular designs often provide the most usable floor space, whereas bespoke designs can be installed on even the trickiest of plots. Think also about the need for facilities such as plug sockets, switches, spotlights and WIFI equipment to enhance usability.


Once you’ve decided on the overall shape, size and specification of your conservatory, think about the finer details and ask your design consultant to include accessories such as fans and heaters in your quotation so that you know the cost of the whole package.


All necessary Planning Permission & Building Regulations for the installation of your conservatory will be arranged for you with your local authority.

Under the present legislation, if certain criteria is met you will not require planning permission or building regulations. Our retailers’ teams will always be on hand to guide you through the planning process.

Free Tailor Made Designs

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Our Conservatories Range

Edwardian Conservatories

Typically very traditional, Edwardian conservatories are rectangular in shape with an apex in the middle. Very popular.

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories are typically 5 sided with a traditional feel and a lot of character. They can be designed to fit with most styles

Lean-To Conservatories

The most basic of conservatories in terms of shape, but often the most suitable for a lot of properties, usually lower in cost.

Glass Room Conservatories

Often called full height conservatories, floor to ceiling glass panels bring in maximum light. Not always the warmest, but can be stunning.

Gable Conservatories

Gable ended/fronted conservatories have a distinct front end, giving a typically traditional look and feel.

Loggia Conservatories

Loggia’s offer top strength and durability in a modular format, meaning they are quick, efficient and affordable

Bespoke Conservatories

Our conservatories are designed around your ideas, dreams and style of your home, so can be completely bespoke to your needs

P-Shaped Conservatories

Combining together victorian and Lean-To conservatories, P-Shaped conservatories are often quite big and offer 2 sets of doors

T-Shaped Conservatories

A very symmetrical conservatory with a clear front entrance, can be designed with a traditional or contemporary feel.