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At Conservatory Outlet we strongly believe in providing the utmost quality home renovation solutions to aid you in building your dream home. That is why we offer bespoke Orangeries which are the perfect way of having a tailored extension to enhance your living space, that match your tastes and style. We take great pride in the fantastic range of Orangeries we have available.

Our Bespoke Orangeries are an ideal way of making a tailored extension fitted to your specific taste, style and requirements. For material, you can choose from aluminium, which boasts immense strength, or go for UPVC, which is popular as it requires very little maintenance. Our Orangery styles are broad, ranging from traditional to hybrid, and even the exciting Loggia Orangeries which by their very nature are tailored to those wanting bespoke.

When it comes to roofs, you can opt for polycarbonate or a glass roof, in a variety of styles. All our glazing styles features superbly coloured, leaded and bevelled double glazing.

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Check out some of our completed bespoke orangery projects and get some inspiration for yourself!

Double Lantern Roof Orangery

This orangery takes advantage of the most amount of space available by utilising bifold, aluminium doors and sports a traditional double lantern roof....

Bespoke Solid Roof Orangery

A bespoke contemporary solid grey roof orangery complete with Bi-Fold doors. The doors allow natural light to enter the room giving it a homely feel inside....

Treble Lantern Roof Orangery

A very bespoke and unique traditional orangery with treble lantern roofs, tilt & turn windows and french doors gave this already large house and much improved...

Double Lantern Roof Orangery

A unique double-lantern roof traditional orangery with white UPVC trims and casement windows. 2 sets of Bi-Fold doors give a traditional orangery a more modern feel...

Fully sculptured, contemporary or traditional, the choice is yours…

What makes one window or door system different from another, and perhaps more suited to a certain type of orangery? Subtle differences in the dimensions and contours of the window and door frame type may seem inconsequential but, in reality, make a huge difference to the overall appearance when they are installed.


UPVC is the instant choice for many people because it is durable, low maintenance, thermally efficient and very affordable – perfect for installation in orangeries. The shape and contours of the window and door profile has been specifically designed for domestic applications and UPVC as a material can be easily shaped and cured to create elaborate gable ends.


Aluminium windows and doors are arguably the most contemporary style to incorporate into an orangery, particularly when it comes to bi-folding doors. Aluminium products are sleek and minimalist, facilitating a bigger glass area and letting in floods of light. Likewise powder coated colour and sublimated woodgrain finishes are the epitome of sophistication and the overall effect is very striking.


Mechanically jointed timber-effect Heritage windows feature a flush fitting sash which replicates, to almost exact detail, the appearance of 19th century windows and when used in the construction of an orangery the result is nothing short of stunning. The design of the window frame and sash is complemented by traditional hardware such as butt hinges, peg stays and monkey tail handles.

In seconds you can open up your new orangery…

The style of door that you choose for your new orangery will have a big impact on its compatibility with your lifestyle and the functions that will be taking place in the new room. Whether you choose a double french door, a sliding patio door, or a bi-folding door that slides and folds, you can have the confidence that it will protect both your family and possessions in the closed and locked position, whilst also being more than pleasing on the eye.

Bifold Doors

A bi-folding door often dominates the main facet of an orangery, in a good way of course. In seconds you can open up a full wall and eliminate the boundary between the indoors and outdoors. The graceful concertina operation makes it easy and enjoyable to use a bi-folding door, and you can quickly reverse the opening if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Patio Doors

Unlike other types of door and sliding patio door doesn’t need a wide berth to open and close, and is therefore ideal for use when internal or external space is likely to be limited. Floods of light and panoramic views are guaranteed courtesy of the large expanse of glass and, unlike some hinged doors which can occasionally blow open or shut in strong winds, these doors stay exactly where you leave them.

French Doors

A french door works in the same way as a conventional single door, but crucially channels twice as much light into your home and, when required, provides double the access and ventilation which is ideal during social gatherings or periods of hot weather. Traditionally synonymous with outdoor patios and decked areas, a french door can also be used internally to connect a kitchen, living or dining room with the orangery.

Make your orangery a place of complete comfort and relaxation…

Orangeries in particular present a number of glass glazed roof options to choose from. The three main styles are: the simple and unfussy Classic Roof; the Cornice Roof which boasts more exterior detail; and a traditional Lantern roof which is grand and extravagant in equal measure. Generally speaking the Classic and Cornice roof options are more suited to modern properties and orangeries, whereas a Lantern Roof is the best option if a traditional feel and appearance is required.

Classic Roof

A Classic Roof is minimalist in style facilitating the biggest glass area as possible. The simplicity of its design means that the Classic Roof can be applied to standard sized and shaped orangeries or complex, bespoke examples: it’s a very versatile option that has been tried and tested thousands and thousands of times. The Classic Roof can be glazed with polycarbonate thought the vast majority of people investing in an orangery opt for a glass roof.

Cornice Roof

This style takes a Classic Roof to the next level with the addition of an external cornice which is solely about appearance and charm. The cornice is the perfect finishing touch to an orangery, merging the brickwork walls with the glazed roof and creating what many feel is a more ‘complete’ building. Of course, the cornice is available in a range of colours to match the orangery roof itself.

Lantern Roof

Traditional Orangeries which incorporate one or more lantern roofs – also known as atrium roofs – are a clear evolution and descendent of the buildings first created centuries ago. But while their appearance may have changed gradually, the technology and innovation that goes into their production has advanced rapidly and, in that sense, they are barely recognisable from their predecessors. The roof itself sits atop of the building and does not quite span to outer perimeters of the orangery, therefore providing unique views and snapshots of the skies above.

UPVC Colours

Classic UPVC can be whatever colour you want it to be: a specially developed paint application process can be employed to match even the most unique colours. In the standard colour range, however, are timeless classics such as White, Whitegrain, Cream and Chartwell Green. Em

Every colour under the Sun…

Although white has been the accepted colour choice for orangeries for a long time, Wessex has many more options than that in both the UPVC and Aluminium ranges.

The aluminium range now comes in 21 stylish colours, whilst with UPVC, woodgrain finishes are becoming more and more popular and come in 9 different colour options.

Aluminium Colours

Once you’ve decided on the overall shape, size and specification of your orangery think about the finer details and ask your design consultant to include accessories such as fans and heaters in your quotation so that you know the cost of the whole package.

Quality products and great service make home improvement an enjoyable experience

We understand that home improvement can be daunting and stressful experience, not only because of the investment you’re making, but because it effects your standard of living and enjoyment of your home. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver to individual and family needs be delivering quality products alongside a friendly, supportive and welcoming service. This enables you to improve your home with confidence.

Energy Efficiency

We understand the keeping your home warm without breaking the bank is important to you when considering home improvements. We make substantial investment to ensure that all of our products use market leading technology and manufacturing to ensure our products provide you with maximum energy efficiency to keep your home cool during the summers month and warm during the winter months.


Keeping your family safe is top of the list of requirements when it comes to considering your home and its functionality. Utmost importance is put into all our products to ensure they offer the best possible security to your home and loved ones using leading market technology and material. Conservatories, orangeries and windows targeted for break-ins are those built as a result of cheap construction. With Conservatory Outlet you can have confidence that you and your investment are safe.

Noise Reduction

A concern for homeowners when considering home improvements, particularly with conservatories and orangeries, is the potential for sounds from the outside world to filter into your home. The research and development we’ve put into our products ensures that you can rest peacefully at home, where the noises of the busy outside world are kept outside and the only noises you should have to deal with are the rest of your family!

Planning permission & building regulations for orangeries…

All necessary Planning Permission & Building Regulations for the installation of your orangery will be arranged for you with your local authority. Under the present legislation, if certain criteria is met you will not require planning permission or building regulations. For more details simply download our Planning Factsheet using the link below.

Our buyers guide to the perfect orangery…

Once you’ve decided that you want to add a new room to your home there are numerous considerations that your design consultant will encourage you to think about as they guide you through the buying process. Here’s a little head start about what you may need to consider.


One of the main considerations will be the direction in which the plot for your orangery faces. North and east facing sites will benefit from sun earlier in the day, becoming cooler as the day passes, whereas south facing or west facing plots will generally receive more light and warmth later into the afternoons and evenings. If possible try to establish the direction that your new orangery will face so that your design consultant can advise on the most suitable glazing specification.


Think about the purpose of the new room and what activities it will host, as this will almost certainly affect the style, size and specification that will work best for you. Squarer or rectangular designs often provide the most usable floor space, as opposed to Victorian designs with five or more facets. You may also wish to consider which mod-cons you want to include in your new room such as mounted spotlights, speakers and WIFI equipment as these can often be integrated into an overhead lighting pelmet.


Once you’ve decided on the overall shape, size and specification of your orangery think about the finer details and ask your design consultant to include accessories such as fans and heaters in your quotation so that you know the cost of the whole package.

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Our Orangeries Range

Traditional Orangeries

A traditional orangery typically comes with a lantern roof, offering maximum light into the room

Contemporary Orangeries

Our contemporary orangeries bring an extra level of sophistication to your home. Warm, cosy and full of light

Hybrid Orangeries

Combining the best bit of conservatories and orangeries, offer maximum light but aim to create a room that can be used all year round

Bespoke Orangeries

Our orangeries are designed around your ideas, dreams and style of your home, so can be completely bespoke.

Loggia Orangeries

Loggia’s offer top strength and durability in a modular format, meaning they are quick, efficient and affordable