Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

Feb 13, 2018

Whether it be ‘Carbon Footprint’, ‘Global Warming’, or ‘Plastic Filled Oceans’, it’s hard to escape the news that our choices as consumers affect the world that we live in. We’re now beginning to make a concerted effort to ensure that the detrimental impacts our human...

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Why Flush Casement Windows?

Jan 16, 2018

Flush Casement Windows are fast increasing in popularity across the Home Improvement market, and are sure to be offered to you by any up to date installer! But what is a Flush Casement Window? And, why should you consider investing in them? The term ‘Flush...

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Security Sells for Conservatory Outlet

Mar 15, 2017

One of the top 2% of fabricators in the UK by volume, Conservatory Outlet has recently broadened its product remit even further, presenting the Extreme 3 window locking system to its UK-wide network. The Extreme 3 system is designed to prevent attack in any direction,...

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Spoilt For Choice – Your Guide To Conservatories And Orangeries

Oct 20, 2014

Our conservatory and orangery range is continuously expanding thanks to the introduction of revolutionary designs such as the remarkable Loggia meaning that so-called ‘off the shelf’ conservatories and orangeries are increasingly rare due to this explosion of options. The vast variety of choice available nowadays has...

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The Window To A Warmer Winter

Sep 22, 2014

With summer officially over thousands of Conservatory Outlet customers across the country are in for one of their warmest ever winters and that’s without paying a fortune in heating costs. How is this so? It’s because the energy efficient windows they’ve invested in will really...

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A Solid Roof Showcase

Aug 5, 2014

Two of Conservatory Outlet’s local dealerships have recently upgraded their showrooms to incorporate the solid roof system, specifically designed for new-build and existing conservatories and orangeries. Permaframe in Frome (Somerset) and Eden Windows of Medway (Kent) have each installed a burnt umber solid roof within their...

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Conservatory Outlet Launches Pioneering Solid Roof Range

Jul 2, 2014

Speak to many property owners fortunate enough to own an old conservatory, orangery or other form of home extension and ask them what they find most frustrating about it. Their most likely response will be that it becomes too cold in winter and too hot in...

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Try A Loggia Conservatory – The Next Generation Of Conservatory

Oct 28, 2013

First there was the traditional conservatory, then came the bespoke conservatory followed by the replacement conservatory, but now Conservatory Outlet can offer you something entirely different, the Loggia conservatory! Loggia conservatories have taken the industry by storm and are a completely new form of home extension,...

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Conservatory Outlet – Opening The Door To A More Colourful Entrance

Aug 19, 2013

Choose from our vast array of colour options… Conservatory Outlet offer a great range of coloured front doors our range includes the following options: Red front doors Blue front doors Black front doors Green front doors Light Oak front doors Dark Mahogany front doors White front doors So the range of colours are pretty...

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Do I Need A FENSA Certificate For My Conservatory

Apr 9, 2013

Make sure you have all the necessary legal documentation for you new home improvement. Installation of a conservatory, orangery or porch does not require FENSA Registration from a FENSA Registered Business in England or Wales so therefore no FENSA Certificate is necessary. However, compliance with the glazing...

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