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What is a U-value and how will it affect my Home Improvements?

Mar 19, 2018

The term U-value is commonly used in the construction industry, and is considered a crucial indicator of how thermally efficient a build is. But what is a good U-value? And how can this affect your new home improvement choices? Equipping yourself with this knowledge will...

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Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

Feb 13, 2018

Whether it be ‘Carbon Footprint’, ‘Global Warming’, or ‘Plastic Filled Oceans’, it’s hard to escape the news that our choices as consumers affect the world that we live in. We’re now beginning to make a concerted effort to ensure that the detrimental impacts our human...

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Conservatory? Orangery? Solid Roof Extension? How to choose the right new living space for you…

Aug 15, 2017

The home improvement industry can be a confusing place for homeowners, with the ever developing products ranges often providing an intimidating wall of choices and decisions long before any of the interior decoration can even be considered. It can be difficult to determine the difference...

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Condensation – The Sign Of An Energy Efficient Window

Nov 27, 2014

As we reach the final straight before the Christmas and New Year period temperatures are fast beginning to drop and many homeowners will have started to notice external condensation forming on their windows first thing in the morning. External condensation is a regular occurrence during the...

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The Window To A Warmer Winter

Sep 22, 2014

With summer officially over thousands of Conservatory Outlet customers across the country are in for one of their warmest ever winters and that’s without paying a fortune in heating costs. How is this so? It’s because the energy efficient windows they’ve invested in will really...

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Try A Loggia Conservatory – The Next Generation Of Conservatory

Oct 28, 2013

First there was the traditional conservatory, then came the bespoke conservatory followed by the replacement conservatory, but now Conservatory Outlet can offer you something entirely different, the Loggia conservatory! Loggia conservatories have taken the industry by storm and are a completely new form of home extension,...

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Do I Need Planning Permission For My Conservatory?

Oct 11, 2013

Building Regulations and Planning Permission for Conservatories Building Regulations The addition of a home extension to your property generally must meet with building regulations. However if you meet any of the following criteria, you will normally be exempt from planning permission: Less than 30 square metres in floor area...

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Planning Laws For Orangeries

Jul 1, 2013

An orangery installation has to meet with all Building Regulations and Planning Permission requirements. Building Regulations and Planning Permission probably aren’t the first things that come to mind when you’re considering an orangery installation but they should be. Thankfully, Conservatory Outlet takes care of such issues...

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Do I Need A FENSA Certificate For My Conservatory

Apr 9, 2013

Make sure you have all the necessary legal documentation for you new home improvement. Installation of a conservatory, orangery or porch does not require FENSA Registration from a FENSA Registered Business in England or Wales so therefore no FENSA Certificate is necessary. However, compliance with the glazing...

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